Friday, March 5, 2010

And..... they're.... off!!!

This weekend marks the first of many chaotic ones to follow... garage sale benefiting our Bandits Baseball team bright and early at 6:00 am (and it's location is a good 35 minutes from my house - I'll let you do the math), and a Sunday tournament down in Millbrook. Of course, I love baseball, but in a few weeks, my life will so completely revolve around baseball practices and tournaments, the raising of money so that my son can play in said baseball tournaments, or the shopping for snacks and groceries to take to those practices and tournaments that my head will surely pop off and land gently beside me. Hopefully it will not make too much of a mess (because that would only give me more work to do), and I will be able to pick it up and carry it along with me until I have a good moment to work on its reattachment.

I am personally not a huge fan of yard sales / garage sales. I generally don't like anything that involves rummaging through other people's things, especially if they are things that have been used and are now unwanted or discarded. But when times are tough, one will do most anything for their kids to continue with their activities, even if it means getting up at 5:00 in the morning and driving 30 miles to rummage through people's stuff so that it can be organized and sold. Last year, we did great making nearly $900. We had all the stuff organized into departments just as a store would - we had housewares, children's apparel, women's and men's apparel, shoes and accessories, toys, and even a holiday section. Hopefully we'll do as well as this year as last. But, at the very least, I have rid my home of three or four huge trash bags full of stuff, a lamp, and two car seats.

This year's garage sale - which, by the way, has nothing to do with a garage nor will it be anywhere near a garage - will be located in the parking lot of the Gardendale, Alabama Waffle House. I don't know if this brings a chuckle to anyone else but me, but I find it a bit humorous that tomorrow morning the fair patrons of the Waffle House will be able to peruse the aisles of our departments after they enjoy their scattered, smothered, covered with eggs over easy and a side of bacon. Only in the great state of Alabama is this even possible - I do not hesitate to make that statement. Only in Alabama.

I am excited to watch the boys play on Sunday, mainly because the forecast promises it will be the most beautiful day. Sunshine. Warmth. The sound of the bat against the ball. Good times. I'm so thankful for baseball. It's given our whole family something to focus on instead of how little money we have at the time or whatever other stresses might be plaguing our little world. It's also given us a set of friends that have become invaluable. We really have become like a second family, bonding together over ball park hot dogs and french fries and the excitement of victory. So it will be nice to get back into the swing of things this weekend making memories and seeing what our little men can pull off on the baseball field.

So, we're off to a good start... baseball season has arrived!! And that gives me an endless source of blog posts...

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