Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mary Blood

Are kids not the most endless source of entertainment in the world? I mean, when mine aren't getting on my nerves, they really can be quite enjoyable. Especially when I have one of the following type conversations with my now five year old daughter...

"Mama, Daaaavid told me about this girl, Mary Blood." (Please imagine the most Southern extension of a long vowel sound as possible for Madalyn's voice. Every long vowel is the longest long vowel sound you've ever heard in your entire life.)

"Mary Blood??? What is that?"

"You turn off the liiiiiiights, and you say Mary Blood, and she comes aliiiiiiiive. She's a real person." (Truly Madalyn has to be the single most dramatic person I've ever been around. If you've been around me, the answer to your question is yes... she's got me beat, hands down!)

"Oh, okay......." (Isn't it nice to see that the legend of Bloody Mary is still alive and well in the 21st century. I have vivid memories of trying it out in the bathroom of my tiny little Christian private elementary school, and I feel pretty certain if we had been caught doing so, they'd have tried to perform an exorcism on us right then and there."

"She comes aliiiiiive and she's the bestest fiiiiiiiighter in the world."

"Oh. Well, Madalyn, if you bring her here, make sure you tell me before hand so I can be really nice to her."

"Yeah. I will have to be really niiiiiiiice to her, too. Liiiiiiike give her snacks." (Cause to Madalyn, nothing says I love better than a snack. No kidding. She is her mother's child. What can I say?)

As of just a second ago when Madalyn came down the stairs to update me, Mary is not alive yet. I'll be sure to alert the media as well as local law enforcement if she comes alive at some point in the evening.

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Erika said...

It cracks me up how these things get passed down and down and down. Peyton will come to me with something like it's new and exciting and it will be something we did.