Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Man it's cold...

Have you noticed that most of my post titles have ellipsis at the end? I am not real sure why, but I just do that. And I tend to use them a lot when I write here, in emails, and also when leaving comments on facebook. Why do I do that???? Something to think about... see, I did it again!

Anywho - (I like the dash as well)

It's really cold. And I'm really tired of it being cold. I don't think I've ever been so grateful in all my life to have a home and running heat. I don't know how the homeless survive in times like these. I know there are shelters and what have you, but I also know that there are probably some who are too stubborn to accept help or those that are in too poor of a mental condition to seek help. And for those people who are living on the streets today during all this coldness... well, I guess all I can do for them at this point is pray for them and be so very grateful for the home that I have. Because, to be honest, I am cold right now, and I'm in my warm house.

I can't get warm. I will wear a little jacket or fleece or wrap up in a blanket during most parts of the day. And when it's time to walk down the street to get David from school, I bundle up as best as I can and am still cold. I can't remember a colder winter here in the South, and I am highly anticipating the arrival of Spring even if it means cutting the grass and bug bites.

Today I started back on the P90X program. I did it for a week, then last week I was so unmotivated to do anything for several reasons. Last week was just an emotionally draining week, and I had nothing left for any program involving physical work. So today I started back, and I need to stick with it this time. It's incredibly challenging, which I do enjoy to a certain extent. I must admit, however, that I can't do a ton of the things they want you to do - push ups... so many push ups!!! But I do what I can, and hopefully I will feel myself getting stronger as I move along. That is if I can find the self discipline and motivation to keep at it.

What else is going on??? Not much really. Still reading Isaiah. Still loving it and learning from it. Still praying for my mom and ready to see her start her treatment. She goes to the doctor on Friday to get her biopsy results. Other than that, I'm just hanging out, hanging in there, and trying to stay warm. Trying to stay warm proves to be the hardest part of all.

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Erika said...

I am so tired of being cold all the time too. It's in my bones now and won't leave. This confirms that we will never move north.