Monday, February 1, 2010

Madalyn's Birthday Weekend

My baby girl officially turned five yesterday. I think this will be the most extended birthday we've ever celebrated in our home, however.

Saturday we made a trip down south to Montgomery to get our ears pierced. Yes, I said we, as in both of us. At 33 years of age, I finally got my ears pierced... people never believe me when I tell them I've never had it done, and they certainly never believe the different reasons why, so I'll spare all that info here and just share the story.

I have always said that when Madalyn started showing an interest in getting her ears pierced I would let her, but I wanted it to be something she wanted to do and not something that I had done to her. About a year and a half ago, Madalyn's closest little girl friend got her ears pierce. And, of course, at the first sight of sparkly earrings in her ears, Madalyn's desire was sparked. I mean, what's not to love about sparkly things in your ears??? Madalyn loves sparkly, so why not have them attached to every part of you - clothes, shoes, and ears as well. So I told her when she turned five she could do it for her birthday, giving us plenty of time to talk about it, think it over, and make sure it was something she was ready to do. Within a blink of an eye, that time passed...

When Madalyn started talking about getting her ears done, I realized what better time would I find to have mine pierced as well? I've always wanted to do it, and what a memory for me to have (and one that will perhaps mean something to her later in life). I'll admit, I was a little nervous. Well, maybe a lot nervous. And it made no sense, either. I've delivered two healthy sized babies, endured two epidurals (one of which took five attempts to get the needle in properly), had three surgeries, and I was nervous about getting my ears pierced. It's one of those things that only makes sense in your own mind at the time, but when you really stop and think, it doesn't even make sense there really. So I went first, and the lady reminded me that I couldn't act nervous or like it hurt at all or Madalyn would never get it done. So I smiled the whole time, and I must admit that it didn't really hurt at all. A little pinch, and then a little sting, and it was over. The worst part was the sound of the gun. I can still hear it in my mind, by the way.

Then it was Madalyn's turn. At first, she was ready to go, but when the time came for her to climb up in the chair, I could tell she was starting to second guess her decision. So I asked her if she wanted to have her ears pierced or not, to which we know she replied and emphatic, "YES!" I held her hands while two ladies did both lobes at the same time. She cried for a minute, but once she saw the sparkly earrings, she was good to go. It's been good that we had them done at the same time - she has no excuse for not wanting me to clean them as we do it together every day.

Yesterday, on her actual birthday, we had a very small family party. I baked a small cake and some cupcakes, and we had the grandparents and aunts and uncles come. It was a fairly quiet day, and Madalyn was the center of attention, and that's right up her alley! My mom's parents were able to come, and that's an amazing feat in and of itself. My grandfather is 91, and my grandmother is 90 - them just being alive to see my daughter turn five is amazing, but to see them slowly but surely making their way up the stairs to my living room is unbelievable. I hope that one day Madalyn will realize how truly blessed she was to have so many living grandparents. Right now, she could care less... her only question yesterday as the guests arrived was, "So, did they bring me a present???"

A week from today will be the big party. Madalyn and our neighbor's little boy, who are more like brother and sister than anything else, will be having a combined party at Pump It Up. It promises to be fun. And loud. And it promises to have Madalyn's birthday spread out about as far as I'd ever like it to be again...

A great weekend indeed... I can't believe my baby is five. Five is old, you know. Five is an "I remember that age" kind of year. She'll look back and remember getting her ears pierced. She'll remember a Pump It Up party. She'll start big school this year. She's growing up so fast. Oh so fast.

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