Saturday, February 13, 2010

The loss of a Valentine...

I used to have two Valentines... Scott, of course, who really has no choice in the matter anymore (if he knows what's good for him, anyway). And my second Valentine was my little man, David. But this year, I've lost the little one.

This girl in his class has been calling the house for several weeks now. I did my best to try to ignore it at first. We missed several of her calls (some literally because we didn't hear the phone and others because I heard the phone ring and saw that it was her and just didn't answer it or tell him about it - I know it's wrong, but I'm at least being honest about it), and she left a couple of messages. Yes - the girl actually left messages on my phone for my eight year old son.

At first, David really didn't seem too interested in her. But a couple of weeks ago, the love bug bit him, and he started asking if he could call her. And he started looking for her call around 6:00 in the evening - like, anxiously awaiting her call. And then he told me he wanted to buy her something for Valentine's Day. That's when I knew I had lost him...

Two weeks ago, I watched my little man peruse the seasonal section at Target looking for just the perfect gift for his new love. And he found it - a little stuffed dog with a bone-shaped candy holder full of bone-shaped candies. The outside of the bone said, "I WOOF YOU."

Dear me.

I remember those days - the crushes of my youth, and those feelings of wonderment and excitement. But it's just so hard to think of your own child having those feelings. I've always done so well in knowing that my kids are little people, but when it comes to him wanting a relationship with a little girl.... well, it's just hard to swallow.

When it hit me that my little Valentine was no longer mine at all but had given his heart away to another, I felt a little sad. I hugged him tight, and asked him if he still loved his Mama. To which he replied, "I love you, Mama. But I like her."

I can handle that. For now. But I know the day is coming that he will love another woman. And it's already breaking my heart.


Nana's Notes said...
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Nana's Notes said...

Oh I could tell you all sorts of tales of what is to come.....but I shall let you discover that yourself. Just be very glad you have only ONE son to give his heart to another one day.

carrie said...

I am with you on this. It breaks my heart to think that my boys will love someone else more than me. I know it is part of growing up and it will mean we raised them well, but it just makes me sad.