Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I was taught like any good Southern Christian young lady that gambling is wrong, wrong, wrong. And so is dancing - especially with a boy. And drinking. And mixed swimming - especially if you are wearing a two-piece bathing suit, and even if you're in a one-piece and aren't wearing a tee shirt over it. Then, all the sudden, I found myself grown up and looking at things through my own eyes...

I've been wanting to write a post about this for quite some time, so today seems as good a day as any. Our fair guvnah (that's Southern drawl for governor, in case you couldn't tell, which has three syllables in English and only two in Southern drawl), Bob Riley, of whom I've been a supporter for years now (as I am still a Christian Southerner and Republican) is kinda losing me here lately. This whole gambling thing has got me scratching my head... do our educated Republican elected officials really believe that gambling is that big of a societal problem in the state of Alabama???

I remember some years ago all the hoopla about the electronic gambling machines and the different criteria they had to meet to be in accordance with the law. And I cared about as much about it then as I do today. Gambling is not my thing, you know. Been to Biloxi, had a good time, but I am not a big gambler and not cashing in my family's life savings to go back for more of the action. I personally believed for years now that gambling should be legalized in Alabama - might as well earn a profit off what people will drive miles away and out of state to do. Sure, some people lose it all from gambling. But I would venture to say there are more people out there who have lost it all from something that is perfectly legal and found in easy abundance in our state - and that's alcohol. And then there's the other substances which aren't legal that have ruined the lives of many - and that's drugs.

When I first learned of the governor's raid on the electronic bingo halls, I was mortified and angered. As a mother, it angers me to know that our governor would pull all available officers off the the street to raid a bingo hall - that he'd waste all those resources and all that energy over some stupid electronic games that pay out in gift cards or maybe a little cash. Am I the only one out there that feels like we've got bigger fish to fry???

Our schools rank pretty close to last in the nation as far as education goes. There are children that go to school every morning who have no food in their home. Men and women die every day due to drug overdoses or at the hands of a drug crazed individual. And we, as a state, are worried about some gambling machines? And how much of this instant concern has to do with the fact that it's election year and the governor wants to make sure he maintains the support of the ultra-conservative vote?

Just my opinion. Some may not agree. And I do remain a conservative, just a practical one. There will always be evil out there. There will always be wrong. It just seems a little strange that I live in a state where I passed a brand new gentleman's club on I-59 North this weekend on my way to a baseball tournament, and that's completely legal, but electronic gambling is not. Just my thoughts...

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Erika said...

I'm with you. I think the sin falls more in taking things to the extreme, which of course differs for everyone. And can I even venture to say that I'm not totally opposed to legalizing marjuana. Think of the tax money that would bring in and give us back the police officers who are chasing those people rather than the serious drugs and/or worse crimes.