Friday, January 22, 2010

Little Golden Book

This morning, shortly after the little and big boy were out the door to their appointed places, Madalyn came to me and asked me to read her a book. This doesn't happen much with her. She's not the book type, if you know what I mean. She's never really enjoyed sitting down and having a book read to her, which, of course, is completely the opposite of how her brother was when he was smaller. I make it a point to stop whatever I'm doing and read to her when she comes to me and asks. It doesn't happen that often, and I know that I need to appreciate what few times it does.

This morning she brought me My Little Golden Book About God. You remember the Little Golden Books, right? They are small, bound at the stem with the little gold sticker, and can be found in a variety of characters, many of which are the same as when I was a child. As she sat in my lap and I began to read the words, I couldn't help but smile.

Do you ever feel that God is sending you a message? This morning, His message was perfectly clear and simple in the words of the Little Golden Book. I was reminded that God is in full control of His creation, from the small to the vast and of the movement and the stillness. He provides for us all we need from food to sunshine to rain. God gave us a "small still voice" in our hearts to help us know what's right and wrong. And it reminded me that God is pure love. Nothing else but pure love.

Madalyn will never understand what she did for me this morning. She had no idea. She simply went in her room and picked a book for her mama to read to her. She didn't know that I would clearly hear the voice of God say to me:

I hold your mother in my hand. I will not let her go. She is mine.
I am wiping your sweet friend's tears. I will not stop. She is mine.
I am here for you. I will never leave. You are mine.

As if that weren't enough for me, on my way home from picking Madalyn up from school, I looked up in the gloomy cloud filled sky and there appeared to be a beam of light shining through. Literally a beam of light. It was as though someone had carefully carved a whole in the thick dark clouds, and a perfect ray of light poured out. In that moment, I pondered the clouds. Even though they are so thick today and the sky is dim and gloomy, the sun still shines behind them. It never changes, just the atmosphere beneath. And I knew it was yet another message for me that He's still there - the darkness and sadness may seem to grow around me, problems may arise, new challenges each day, but He's still there.


carrie said...

Beautifully written. God has such great ways of reminding us he is carrying us through these struggles. Thanks for the reminder.

Nana's Notes said...