Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hold on to your seat for a minute... I am reading a novel.

I know. Catch your breath. Alert the authorities. Look up to the heavens and await the coming. I haven't read a novel since I ditched college. And that's been nine years ago. The only reading I have done has been the Bible, and that's not been as often as I should.

I have never really enjoyed reading. And that seems incredibly strange since I love to write and have a fascination with words and was an English major in college. But there have really been few books that I have been forced to read along the way that I truly enjoyed. In high school, there was A Tale of Two Cities which I remember specifically enjoying. In college I took a class about the Bronte sisters' writings and Jane Austin... I so loved Wuthering Heights, Emma, and Pride and Prejudice. In fact, I still have a paper I wrote about the use of the word heath throughout the novel Wuthering Heights. Yes... I was actually that smart. I pointed out each use of the word and explored the meaning and symbolism and so on.

Anywho... I am reading Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. And from the first chapter, I have literally been riveted. The story just speaks to the my heart. For anyone unfamiliar (like I was) to the novel, it is based off the Book of Hosea in the Old Testament. So, being the literary nerd I am, I read Hosea first. I must admit that I don't think I've ever read a verse from the Book of Hosea in my entire life. Stories involving God telling a prophet to marry a prostitute weren't that big of hits in the church I grew up in (or the Christian private school I graduated from, either). And any time I find something so excitedly new in The Scriptures, I am immediately drawn in by the wanting to learn more. More about this God and Savior I am still so utterly confused about.

So that's what I find myself doing right now. Every spare second I have, I find myself wanting to read this novel... which is so unlike me. And I'm really glad. Maybe I'll read something else when I'm done with this one. I am seeing so many words I've never seen before and thinking about these characters all the time. And I find myself looking for a piece of me in the story. Uncomfortably, I find more of myself than I'd like to admit. Not quite as tragic, but still there.

So if I am not blogging as much here lately, it's because I'm reading. And that statement alone just makes me chuckle.


Rebecca said...

I just finished reading that a couple of weeks ago! I am not a reader, but I couldn't put it down! Then my boss read it and then my cousin read it. I can't wait until you finish it! I wanted to walk up to strangers and tell them that they needed to read this book. I am so excited for you!!! (Can you tell?) I LOVED IT!

Kristin said...

I read it earlier in the year and absolutely loved it. It is such a lovely picture of how God loves us still. Enjoy it, and soak up His love for you.