Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lo and behold...

So, we put out our saltine crackers and water and a potato in David's shoe. Lo and behold, an elf arrived that night as we slept. His name is Farley, and he came with a letter explaining how to take care of him and what he was here for. Absolutely amazing. The magic of Christmas is alive.

Farley's arrival sparked an air of bickering in the Blair household though, and we spent much of the morning fighting over who could hold the elf and play with him and so on. By 10:00 a.m., Madalyn was forbidden to even look at the elf for the remainder of the day after pitching a fit of such epic proportions I was reminded of her days as a two-year-old. It wasn't pretty, and it ended with me telling her these exact words: "You've met your match with me, sister. We can play this game all day if you want, but you still won't get your way. I'm not giving in." She realized the seriousness of the situation, and she quickly changed her tune.

The jolly old elf has been a delight ever since, hiding in various places throughout the house once he comes to life while the children are asleep. Last night, he made quite a mess with the toilet paper, and both the kids got a kick out of that. He rides in the car with us, and they carry him around the house with them. He leaves little notes, nicely versed and rhyming. And David believes he is as real an elf as the sky is blue.

Ahhhhhhh... the mind of a child. The protection it offers from all the ugliness of the world. A place where dreams can come true and wishes can be granted and an elf can come alive in the dark and leave toilet paper strewn about the room. I want to put my dear children in a bubble and protect them from reality. And, if I were lucky enough, maybe there would be enough room for me to crawl in as well.

This will probably be my last post before Christmas. Things will be busy and scattered over the next few days. My hope for any who read this is that you are truly blessed with all the joy Christmas brings. Times may be tough for some. We all have some bit of ugliness or trouble right now. But the truth is still the same; God has us each in his hand, no matter what today may bring. No matter what.

Merry Christmas!

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Erika said...

That's really a cute idea. Where did the elf come from (beside the N Pole, of course.)