Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Happenings

This morning, I am wrapping presents in peace... I can't stand anyone to help me, especially if they have little hands and bright eyes (Bah, humbug!!!). I know that may sound terrible, but I am a compete and total control freak about wrapping presents. It makes little sense as they don't look like fantastic works of art or anything. Just simple cheap wrapping paper and bows... but the edges have to folded over a certain way or the world might implode. Seriously. I am sure it will implode if the edges are not turned the exact same way every time. And if the floor behind the toilet isn't clean. Oh, and if the rows in the grass aren't perfectly straight. If you didn't realize this, I am so sorry I brought it to your attention because you may never be the same again. You'll be neurotic about perfectly meaningless things, just like me. At least I am aware of my issues...

I am also preparing this week for our annual adult only Christmas party. And I must admit that after the stressful year that we have had, along with several of our friends, I am more excited than ever about this year's event. My mind is all abuzz with the burning questions - What will I serve? What will I wear? Who all will show? AND the most important question.... WILL DAVID GET SICK THIS YEAR??????

My little David has impeccable timing for illness. If I am excited about an event, a little light goes off in his subconscious and sets the perfect timer for a sickness. Last Christmas, it was strep. Granted, every Christmas, since he was five, he's been stricken with strep. But if he's gonna get sick, I am hoping for a Sunday or Monday arrival. Just please not Saturday morning like last year.... please, oh please!

I'm sure this afternoon Madalyn's excitement about Christmas will rise again when she sees new presents under the tree. I'll have to go over them one by one explaining who they are for and why I won't tell her what's inside. And then she'll go over her spill about her gift again and how she knows what it is. Followed, of course, by her asking me to tell her what it is. Her excitement is so pure, and I must admit I remember feeling that way. Even as an older child, long after I knew the truth about Christmas, I can remember lying in bed at night, waiting on sleep to come, and wondering deep inside my heart if the possibility were true. Did the magic of Christmas really exist? And now, I know it does. It thrives inside the eyes of my two little ones, looking at the gaudy lights hanging on the homes as we drive in the car, talking together about what Santa might bring, shaking and poking at the wrapped presents under the tree. Yes, the magic is still alive.

It's been tougher this year to get into the spirit, but it's beginning to bubble up inside me. When you see the excitement in your children who know nothing of this world's trouble or stress, you just can't help but feel the true spirit of Christmas. The giving of gifts, the biggest of smiles, and the hope for a bounty of blessings... that's what we all dream of.

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