Monday, November 16, 2009

Today I am thankful for coffee...

I was the little girl who worked at a coffee shop for four years and didn't like coffee... I was her. Customers would come in and always ask, "What do you suggest?" Of course I'd be forced to reply, "Well... I don't really drink coffee."

Oh, you stupid, stupid girl...

Now I'm on the other side. I adore coffee. I have to stop myself with one and a half cups (and it's a pretty large cup) every morning. There are some afternoons I'd love to brew a pot, but I hate to get myself in the habit.

I remember the moment I first appreciated the taste of coffee. I was on a cruise with - well, we won't talk about who I was with - and every night at dinner I drank a cup of coffee with my desert. It was perhaps the best cup of coffee I had ever had... perfectly balanced and light. Most of the others at my table commented on its brilliance as well. Was it the kind of coffee they used? Was it the purified water? Or was it simply the fact that we were on a cruise and it was served in such a sweet and delicate little cup? Probably a good combination of all the above.

It wasn't until right after the birth of the second baby that I began my love affair with coffee. Madalyn must have been only a few weeks old, and it was a Sunday morning. Scott was preparing breakfast. David was probably running about the house like a gorilla on Red Bull. And I was thinking, "How can I possibly make it through the next twelve hours without a nap???" So I fixed myself a cup of coffee with tons of sugar and cream, and I was immediately in love.

In love with coffee.

There have been only a hand full of mornings without my most beloved companion since that day. If I don't drink my morning coffee, it's usually when I have a nasty little stomach bug. That's really the only reason I can think of that I wouldn't have a cup. Or two.

The fact hits me this morning just how fortunate I am to have that cup of coffee every morning. I mean, sure... it's nothing fancy. It's just a little Maxwell House Original Roast brewed in a $45 coffee machine. But in reality, it's a little luxury that some homes in our country don't have. Coffee isn't a necessity (though I feel it is most mornings); it's a guilty pleasure. And I am surrounded by so many guilty pleasures - too many to count. When I stop to think about how charmed a life I live, it's overwhelming. Sure things aren't easy this year. Sure our income has been drastically reduced. Sure every month here lately I wonder, "How?" But we always make it through. We always carry on. And I still have that cup of coffee every morning.

I think this year has made me especially more thankful for the little things in my life than ever before. I know I can often times appear ungrateful and grumpy about day to day life, but that's just me making light of life to cope. That's how I deal with my days - to make fun of them, to roll my eyes, to see the funniest of funnies in some of the most difficult times I have ever experienced. But I am so incredibly thankful. So incredibly blessed beyond measure. So well taken care of by a God who continues to bless and preserve me no matter how undeserving I remain. But aren't we all just so completely undeserving of what's been given to us? Aren't we all?

So, today I am thankful for coffee. The simplest of pleasures for me. The everyday delight. The warmth of the cup, the smell of it's contents, the flavor on my tongue, and the peace in knowing I'll have it again tomorrow.


Erika said...

oooohhh, What smells so good? I want that one? hahahaha

Erika said...

When we were at the concert Saturday night, there was a heavenly smell and I even found myself uttering the words, I want whatever smells so good! And then I had to hit myself for being so stupid.