Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Just this morning, I accepted a great challenge on Facebook to list one thing each day that I am thankful for from now until Thanksgiving. I love this idea, and I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't done a thankful post on Blogger in quite some time. So I might even be taking some of those thoughts and expanding them as posts here.

Like today - I posted that I am ever so grateful for my SwivelSkim, the handy-dandiest thing a pool owner could ever own, especially when the pool is surrounded by trees that shed MILLIONS of leaves each Fall. This morning, my beloved tool was on my mind as there was so much debris in the pool from the storms last night.

I typed in my little status this morning, and went out to clean the leaves floating in the pool. It was still raining, and so I put on my black raincoat, hood over head and cinched in tight around my face. I made one swipe through the water into the thick of the leaves and pulled it up to empty its contents so I could continue the cleaning process...

It came apart. The whole blooming thing came apart. The part the net attaches to fell in the water, and the rest was still attached to the pole. And I quickly bent down to pull the net out of the water as I didn't want all those leaves back in the pool. And then the net split, and the contents spilled, and I stood there thinking, "And this is what I get for talking so nice about you on Facebook, SwivelSkim?!?"

And so the only thing making my life any easier right now went kaput. And I am a little ill about it. So the pump on the pool is off. And there are tons of leaves floating and just as many in the bottom. And I am going to lose my mind with all these darn leaves... I used to enjoy Fall. Not so much anymore. Not so much.

This is the last Fall I will be without a cover for the pool. THE LAST FALL. I don't care what I have to do... sew one from scraps of old clothes, tie together fishing nets, whatever I have to do... I will have a covered pool next Fall. I will not spend the bulk of my day fishing leaves out of cold water or emptying skimmer baskets five times a day. I will find a way to win the battle over the leaves before this crazy battle beats me.

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