Friday, November 13, 2009

Buddy's Perfect Day

On Wednesday, the kids were out of school, and Scott took off work, and we had TONS of leaves in the yard. And I think that Buddy Love had the most perfect day...

We started on the leaves in the back yard around 9:00 in the morning. They were everywhere from the storm the day before that knocked down every brightly colored leaf along with the dry brown ones. They covered the grass and the bottom of the pool as well. And just as many were still floating atop the water. We stayed in the back yard with Buddy - all of us - for the bulk of the morning. David would play some with Buddy, but mostly the orphan dog just followed us around while we did our chores just happy to have us outside with him. We don't have to entertain him; he will pick up a ball or toy and run around and toss it in the air all by himself. He just likes our presence in the yard. He likes to be around us - we're his people.

We moved into the front yard and worked there for a couple of hours. And after that was done, we took Buddy on a little walk. This must be his favorite thing to do, and bless his heart, not something he gets to do as much as he should. But walk we did, and he smelled everything and marked his way along the path.

When we returned home, I kept him on his leash and let him sit with us a while as we watched the kids ride their bikes and scooters in the driveway. He was perfectly content to lie there at my feet and keep watch with me. Perfectly happy to be surrounded by his people that love and take care of him. And then we grilled in the back yard and ate with him at our feet. And once the kids went to bed, Scott and I sat outside and talked with him dozing at our feet.

Buddy had a great day. I told Scott at the end of the day that this must be just the perfect sort of day for Buddy - spending it with the people who mean the most to him. And maybe is was the perfect sort of day for the humans as well - at home, all day, doing normal household things, and just being all together.

I know the days are flying by faster than ever before, despite the days that sometimes seem to linger on and on and threaten to never end. I know the days of the kids being trapped here with us are fading. There will come a day when they have the freedom to leave in their own car or the car of a friend and escape the yard work a random off day in the middle of the week has to offer. There will come a day when they are too big to ride their bikes down the sidewalk. There will come a day when I can't bribe either one of them to join me for a walk with our sweet Buddy. And so I guess I need to cherish these days all the more knowing that all too soon they will be gone.

Yes, it was a perfect day.

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