Friday, October 2, 2009

Thank you, Zach and Cody

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Zach and Cody of the Disney Channel for entertaining my kids tonight with the new Hands on Deck: Overboard special.

The house is silent except for the occasional pitter-patter of feet. Ahhhhhh.

I am waiting on the hubs to get home with 20 Daytona style wings from Hooters. I might add that we really shouldn't be spending money on take-out these days, but we really can't deprive ourselves of all things good and wonderful. Well, we could, but that would make us incredibly responsible and somewhat un-American. And we are still trying to make little decisions here or there to help stimulate the economy (sounds good anyways).

I love it when the house is silent. Here lately, when both the kids are gone, I leave all the TVs off and just bask in the silence that I rarely get to enjoy. I can remember when I was younger, I hated the quiet. I kept a radio or the TV on all the time. It drove my father crazy, I do believe. He would get a little irritated with me for leaving the TV on all night, but I couldn't stand the silence and felt the noise helped me sleep better. I also had a CD of ocean noise, which was quite relaxing now that I think back on it. I'd just put it on repeat and sleep away to the sounds of waves.

Now that I have children I realize how golden silence is. How rare. How unappreciated by most people. But sometimes, it's only in silence that we can truly hear ourselves.

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