Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Something has to give, Buddy...

So, something has to give with all the dead animals around here. Yesterday, Buddy Love landed him a squirrel. And let me just add, I don't particularly care for squirrels - they are too fidgety for me, and I just don't think you should turn your back on one. The squirrel is just one of those outdoor creatures I have never wanted to get up close and personal with, especially when I find them rigormortis in the bottom of the pool or in the mouth of my precious Buddy Love.


Yesterday, I was working on the door in the garage, sanding and painting, and I heard a commotion on the deck. I didn't think much about it; our gate stays locked, and Buddy is always playing with something or getting into whatever. But when I went upstairs and saw him walking around the deck with it in his mouth, I thought I'd die. Right there. On the spot.

I kept wondering how would I get him and the dead squirrel off the deck. It's hard enough to shovel a limp dead squirrel off the concrete. I just couldn't imagine the course of action to remove said squirrel off the top deck. So I waited, and Buddy eventually carried him down the stairs. And so I devised my plan...

Buddy shames quite easily. Perhaps from his little life he had before he hit the jackpot that day and landed his place of residence at the Blair Casa, where food and water are as plentiful as little varmints in the yard. Maybe he was mistreated back in the day... I don't know. All I do know is that I can raise my voice at him, and he'll sit immediately and flash me those big brown puppy eyes. It's sad, but in a way, it works out for the best. When he gets out of the fence, I can shame him into sitting and staying still for long enough to get my hand on his collar and lead him back into the confines. Anywho - I shamed him, and he dropped the little squirrel and let him be. And then I shamed him some more.

Will the shaming work? Will it keep him from killing more animals? Doubtful. And as selfish as it sounds, it's not the animals I really care about. It's me - you know, the one who has to get the shovel out every time he kills something and figure out what to do with yet another carcase.

Buddy Love - Exterminator. Who knew?

One thing, though. I had forgotten how cute squirrels really are until yesterday. Back in 2004, during Ivan (I think), David and I found a tiny - and I mean really tiny - baby squirrel in the front yard. That was prior to me going digital, or I'd post a picture of it. I felt so sorry for the tiny thing, in part because I was pregnant at the time and incredibly hormonal, and partly because I found it when I was raking and I actually raked over him. I know it sounds terrible, but you just can't imagine how tiny he really was. I called an animal shelter in Oak Mountain to see if there was anything I could do for him. They told me I could put it in a box and bring it to them. That wasn't an option for me - being pregnant, I wasn't about to pick up and animal that lives in a tree with my own hands and drive him to a shelter. Or, the people said, I could just cover him back up and let nature take its course - mom would either come down and get him back into the nest, or, well... you know. Of course, I decided the latter. Let nature take its course.

And I guess that's what's going on with Buddy Love. It's just nature - it's in him, the desire to chase and hunt and kill. Even though I have completely humanized him into being my precious baby, he's still a darn dog. And there's nothing much I can do to change what God willed him to be. A dog. That kills little cute animals in the backyard. Like all the time now.

Oh, well.

But somewhere in it all is perhaps a lesson for me. Buddy just is who he is... he is who he was purposed to be. If God gave that much thought to Buddy to give him the skills and the desire to provide for himself no matter where life led him, I think He'll take care of me.

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