Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dead Animals...

Here lately, seems like I have been doing a ton of things I wouldn't ordinarily put on my to-do list on purpose (if that statement makes any sense at all). For instance, today, I whipped out my newly purchased caulk gun and tube of caulk and figured out how to use it on my own. To my dismay, there were no instructions written on the caulk gun itself on how to insert the tube or get it to expel the squishy goo that is caulk. Also disappointing was the fact that the tube of caulk said I needed to "pierce through the inner foil", though I could not figure out exactly how to do that. I only realized there was an inner foil after I had figured out how to load the caulk gun and had commenced to pull the trigger several times and still had no caulk coming out of my freshly cut whole on the nose of the tube. The rear end of the caulk tube burst and the icky white stuff was all in the apparatus of the gun itself... well, I think you get the point that it was indeed a very messy and interesting experience. But the areas around the front door that needed to be caulked have been done, and hopefully it will be dry by Saturday so that I can finish painting the door surround.

I just never dreamed I would caulk much of anything. I have bought a small little squeeze tube before and used it here or there around the house, but I never dreamed I would buy a caulk gun or use a razor blade and a screw driver to remove the old crusty caulk out of the cracks around my front door. These are not things I had penciled into my agenda to learn to do. They just seem a little mannish - you know, man's work. And now I can add that to the long list of other things I used to believe were man's work until I learned to do them and therefore took over the responsibility of doing here at the Blair casa.

Another chore I have taken to here lately is the disposal of dead animals. If I have any regular followers here, you might recall my finding a dead squirrel in our beautiful blue lagoon pool this past summer. It was a frightening experience, and one I had hoped not to repeat. But never fear... the fun around here never stops.

Buddy landed himself two varmints last week. The first was a chipmunk - or, as Madalyn calls them, a chickmunk. And, God bless his little soul, Buddy killed him and apparently played with him quite a bit. His body was fully intact, but his middle was flattened like a pancake. Madalyn was actually the one who reported the killing, and when I went outside to inspect, Buddy picked it up in his mouth and proudly flopped it up in the air as if to say, "Looky here what I got!!!" But that's just Buddy's favorite game with any toy - he'll flop it around and shake it, and it seems that's exactly what he did with the poor little chipmunk. So I scolded Buddy quite a bit, and I had to get pretty ugly with him to make him realize he should put it down and quit playing with it. Then I had to get it out of the yard somehow, and there was no one home other than me and Madalyn. So, once again, let me step outside of my happy homemaker box and find a way to dispose of a dead animal. A dead, flat, wet animal...

It wasn't easy, I'll admit. The chipmunk was so flat and his fur was so wet from the rain it just kept rolling over and over on the cement as I tried to shovel him up. But I finally moved it over to the grass and was able to scoop him up and chunk him over the fence into the treeline behind the house. I was horrified. And I didn't even want to look at Buddy, much less touch him.

To my horror, the next morning I found a dead mouse in almost the same place Madalyn has spotted the chipmunk. Buddy just looked at me with his big brown eyes as if to say, "Awwww, mama... I just couldn't help it." So once again, I had to get my trusted shovel out and add another carcass to the treeline.

I am still amazed every day at the new things I am forced to learn. Sometimes, the adventures of life can be fun. But sometimes, life throws things at me that I wished I could just pass off to someone else... like dead animals, scooping dog poop, caulking around the front door, cutting the grass, plunging the toilet. Oh, the list goes on and on. But I guess I'll just keep learning. And one day, I'll be the most versatile stay-at-home-mom around.


Chelle said...

I'm impressed, I have never caulked a day in my life and the only animals I have taken responsibility for burrying have been hermit crabs, one of which may or may NOT have been dead.

You are an inspiration.

carrie said...

I caulked for the first time this week, too. I had seen my dad do it so I knew what to do. I was just not as talented at it as my dad. It is amazing what we will learn to do if we have to do it.

Erika said...

Caulking is just inherently messy in itself. I've caulked a tub, but never a door.