Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is it LOVE?

So, Friday, when David bounded out the double doors into his weekend, he shared with me that he had found out a little girl in his class likes him. Of course it all went down in true elementary school fashion - a friend of hers told David that the little girl liked him, and he in turn wrote her a note with the ancient question, "Do you like me?" to which she responded in all caps in red crayon, "YES!!"

Oh my stars.

She also drew him a heart with the word love in the middle of it in probably the most beautiful cursive handwriting I have ever seen from a 3rd grader. At least she has good penmanship.

Yesterday, he came home with yet another note in which she asked him for his phone number. Are you kidding me??? My mother would have hung me up by my little pinkie toe if I had dared to ask a boy for their phone number in the 3rd grade. Of course, as any smitten young man would do, he gave her the digits. But I am here to tell you that she better not call my house asking to speak to my little boy. What I would do about it is just beyond me right now, but it simply better not take place.

I am so not ready for this.

Last night, he was busy at work on some crafty thing in his room. I didn't give it any attention until he made sure to turn it over and hide it in a binder in his room at bedtime. So I did what any good Crazy Mama would do and looked at it this morning after he left for school. He had folded two papers and glued them onto another sheet of notebook paper making two lift-up flaps on the page. Under one flap was written "I Love You" and under the other was simply the word LOVE.

Excuse me, what? He loves her. I mean, he loves ME. He loves to play baseball. He loves to eat Mexican food. Is it possible that my little boy now believes he loves a little girl?

I am so shocked by all of this. I knew the day was coming, but I had been so glad that up until this point, I was the only love of his life. Whatever will I do?

And a little update... he comes home this afternoon forlorn and weary. She told him that she does not like him anymore. And I repeat the phrase I will repeat for many years to come... "I told you those girls are no good for you. Need to leave them alone." He's mine once more.


ctstrickland said...

Yes, my dear Tamara it is just starting. There is something about mamas and there boys. Don't you dare take advantage of them and don't you EVER hurt them or crazy mama will come after you! And can I just tell you one more thing...it doesn't change when they get big!!!

carrie said...

I am really dreading these days. Right now, Todd wants to still live in our house his entire life. I don't know about that but I do know I want my 2nd grader to love me and not some other girl!

carrie said...
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