Monday, September 14, 2009

The Husband's Helpful Weekend

Sometimes my husband surprises me. Like Saturday night when I was bathing Madalyn, I heard this funny noise which sounded like the garage door opening or shutting. So I hollered out to Scott not to pull the car back into the garage just yet - the kids wanted to play in there a little while longer after getting their baths. I knew his response sounded irritated as he exclaimed, "I'm just trying to help clean up a little!" A few minutes later, I figured out what the strange noise was... the garbage disposal. He had cleaned up the entire kitchen during half time of the Auburn game, loading the dish washer, actually starting said dish washer, and even hand washing the crock pot. I was amazed.

Yesterday, he hand washed my truck which has not been bathed since my little incident with the side of the garage door. My mirror no longer adjusts, and the glass itself is barely intact, so I haven't been able to run it through one of those high-powered car washes. So the hubs did the complete works on it - washing the outside, vacuuming the inside, and wiping down the interior surfaces. Even shined the tires. The mirror is still broken, but at least it looks clean.

Last night, after getting the kids in the bed and while cleaning up the day's mess in the kitchen (no, he did not do it two days in a row), I kept smelling bleach. At first I thought it was the towels and bathing suits from the birthday party we had been to that afternoon at an indoor swimming pool. I mean, the smell of the chlorine was pretty strong, but it shouldn't have been that strong. Finally, I asked Scott, thinking he could have possibly been trying to be helpful again and possibly scrubbed the shower or something (wishful thinking!), if he had used any bleach anywhere. The conversation continued as follows:

"Yeah... I sprayed my shirt with that stuff you had on the dryer."

"What stuff on the dryer?"

"I don't know... some stain stuff you have in there... I got something on my shirt and I sprayed it on there to get it out."

"Scott, this is Clorox Cleanup... that's for bathrooms, not clothes."

"Well, it said it had bleach in it and I just figured it would get the stain out."

So, I am happy to report that Clorox Cleanup does indeed remove stains from white Greg Norman dry-fit golf shirts, though I would still not recommend it for that purpose. And I have put the Clorox Cleanup back in its appropriate place to prevent such confusion from happening again.

God love him. He was so incredibly helpful this weekend!

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Erika said...

Go Scott! I hope you rewarded him for his efforts. ;p