Monday, September 21, 2009

About Bugs

Funny thing about finding bugs in your house... everyone always has a good reason. If it's hot out, then the bug is trying to get in out of the heat. If it's cold out, well, they are trying to keep warm. If it's dry, they must be searching for water. And if it's raining, like it's been doing here for about the past 18 solid days, then the bugs must be trying to get in from the rain.

Madalyn is terrified of bugs. And, well, so am I. Not a good combination to be in the house together all the time. Because who do you think has to suck up her fear and attack the bug with her brave face on??? You guessed right if you said, "NOT Madalyn!!!"

So, since it's been raining A TON lately and those darn bugs are trying to get in out of the rain, we have found more bugs in the house than ever before. And not just the weird little bugs - the big stinking roaches. Just plain disgusting. So yesterday, Madalyn came screaming - and when I say screaming, I mean it - into my bathroom to tell me there was a bug in her room. It was above her closet which has a ledge above it. So I grab my step ladder only to realize it won't work - it doesn't give me the height I need to see up there and spray for bugs. So down I went into the garage to retrieve the 15 foot ladder.

Has anyone out there ever carried a 15 foot ladder up a flight of stairs in a split-foyer house? Not an easy task, I assure you.

But I did it, and I climbed up holding my breath, so certain that a bug the size of a small dog would attack me as soon as I peeked over the closet ledge. But there was nothing.

Madalyn wouldn't even step foot in her room. So what is any good mom to do that had just carried a 15 foot ladder up the stairs from the garage, faced her own fear of bugs by peeking over the ledge, and sprayed every surface with copious amounts of bug spray?

I lied. You hear me; I lied to her.

"Baby girl, the bug is dead. I saw him, and I sprayed him, and he's definitely dead. I just couldn't quite reach him to pick him up and throw him away."

I think grace covers these little white lies... I hope. We all have to stretch the truth a little to spare our children undue fear. Especially when we know they may not want to sleep in their bed at night if you don't tell a little fib. And maybe it was a little stretch, but I do know that if that bug (or any other bug, for that matter) were to be stupid enough to go back into that area of the house, they will be dead in no time at all with all the bug spray I sprayed.

So then, I had to carry the ladder back down the stairs, which actually proved to be more difficult than getting it up the stairs. The things I do for that little girl... and she doesn't even know it. Doesn't have a clue.

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Chelle said...

If its any consolation, I would have lied, too. Probably before I dragged the ladder up the stairs. What? I'm lazy ;)