Friday, August 14, 2009

Third Grade

I remember the third grade. I remember Capri-suns in my lunch box and the annual Jog-a-thon at ACA. I remember my teacher and her room. I remember tornado warnings spent behind the partition in our classroom and the white dish tub that held my supplies. I remember playing some sort of multiplication game where we competed with one another on who could give the answer first. I remember puking all over my desk while the rest of my class was at PE and my mom having to come pick me up.

Point is - I really have a ton of memories from the third grade. I think it's the first school year of my life that I really remember.

David started the third grade yesterday. First - it seems really strange to me that I have a third grader. In so many ways, deep down inside, I still feel like a third grader myself and simply not old enough to have one living under my roof. But it also seems weird that every day, slowly but surely, he is developing into the person he will be forever. He is every day more and more a little man.

I think I like the third grade already. And I know I love our school. This is David's last year at the elementary school. Next year, in the fourth grade, he advances to the intermediate school. So, this year, they are focusing more on personal responsibility.

Ding!!!! Ding!!!! Ding!!!!!

Last year was a struggle in this department for many reasons. David is - well, he is lazy. I can say these things; I am his mother, and I just know him better than anyone else out there. If you can do it for him, he'll let you. And he really doesn't care. I had to threaten him with no Christmas presents last year to get him to practice tying his shoes. He had been letting the little girls in his class tie his shoes, and I finally had to put a stop to that for multiple reasons. And last year, homework assignments were a big issue - I never knew what was going on and when it was due, partly because David had no personal responsibility and partly because he had a male teacher. (If you are make and are reading this, please don't take offense; but it's true that men don't communicate as well as women do unless they have a doctorate in psychology and get paid to do so.) I never knew when they were having tests, what they were supposed to do with their spelling words, what they were working on in math. You get the point.

In third grade, we have a school agenda. I don't know who developed this idea, but I love her!! (It had to be a woman.) It's like a day-planner for kids with a spot for each day's assignments. The child must write down the assignments and the teacher must initial that they are correct and I then must sign it every day. AND I LOVE THAT!! Because I was already beginning to wonder how David would ever learn to be responsible for himself. It just wasn't born in him, I tell you. But this will be a start.

Lovin' the third grade already.


ctstrickland said...

Sounds like a good that both mother and son can work with.

carrie said...

I think agendas are great. I loves them as a teacher, too b/c I knew they parents were getting the information and the ones that didn't. Third grade is a big transition year. I am glad some other chold didn't know how to tie in 2nd grade! Todd's lazy/unmotivated in that area, too.