Thursday, July 30, 2009

What good is modern society?

I have just finished scrubbing the stand-up shower in our master bathroom. Not fun, I promise. Mainly because I ignore it until it is so disgusting that you might actually question the effectiveness of cleaning yourself in it. Problem is that I don't shower; I bathe. It's such a luxurious life I live... relaxing in the bathtub full of bubbles every morning. Well, maybe it doesn't quite look like that. Maybe it's more because I am incredibly uncoordinated and can't quite get the knack for shaving my legs while standing up.

Anyway - point being, I ignore the shower for as long as I can. And today was the day it called my name. I scrub the floor of the shower with Comet, a product that I hold such firm faith in for so many purposes. So useful, so versatile, so cheap. And then I spray the walls and doors and cracks and crevices with a solution of bleach and water. And then I scrub. And scrub. And scrub.

How is it that we have come so far in society that you can take a picture on a cell phone and send it via text messaging clear across the country in less than one second, but we haven't found a way to prevent the growth of mildew in a shower. Or invented a composite product to build a shower stall out of that inhibits the growth of mold. Or a cleaning solution that one can simply spray on, let sit for a minute or two, and rinse away all gross crud that has grown in the shower. I don't get it.

I do have a fascination for cleaning bathrooms. I love to do it. Love to clean the toilets - there is nothing better to me than look a the base of a toilet and see that it is perfectly clean. No nasty run-downs the front of the basin. No dusty stuff behind the toilet. Just the toilet and the fresh smell of bleach. To me, it's a beautiful thing. I take pride in my toilets. If only I had the same pride in the shower stall.

If there were an easier way, I think I might. I do enjoy cleaning much more now that we have installed the pull down shower head. It has made rinsing of the shower a much easier task - you know, minus the whole scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing thing.

If I were scientifically inclined, I would find a way to combat mold and mildew. But I am not. I am a stay-at-home mom who will continue the daily battles - laundry, kids, and mildew in the shower.

But my toilets are spotless.

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