Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Huge Sigh of Relief

Okay... so this is it... the grand finale... the big trip... the World Series. My little Bandits are traveling tomorrow (along with the parents, of course!) to Dalton, Georgia to play in our regional World Series with sixteen other teams. All the top teams in the nation will be there. We are one of those top teams, but this will be the toughest competition we have ever faced. I am excited for the kids; it isn't every day that a group of seven and eight year old boys gets to go to a World Series and compete with such great teams. This whole experience has been amazing, and I know that David has had some of the best times of his little life in the past six months. Now it comes down to playing a handful of games and seeing who rises to the top.

Our boys are great little ball players, but they are young. They are unpolished. They are still so uncertain of what they're doing half the time. But they practice hard, play harder, and laugh in between. So we'll see what happens when the Bandits take the field for their final tournament this weekend. No matter what the result, I'll be proud of them.

I am also thrilled at the thought of it being over. Finally over. We have practiced, played, traveled, sat in the heat, swatted at bugs, etc, etc, and so on since February. And Crazy Mama is about ready to look at the kids and ask the question, "What do we have to do today? Oh, that's right... NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!"

I am tired of baseball. I am tired of soaking and scrubbing uniforms. I am tired of searching for the right color hat. I am tired of Gatorade. I am so over it all, and I am ready to have my life back. We will have a month of complete nothingness until school starts back, and I am going to waller in it... just waller in complete nothingness, if that's at all possible. (And in case anyone wonders or doesn't remember my past discussion of the word waller - yes, it is a word in my book.)

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