Friday, July 24, 2009


So Blogger ate my exquisitely witty post about the doc-in-a-box. And I have lots of other things to say right now. So here's a little bloggy montage...

Doc-in-a-box: So the short of the story is that the doctor ordered a throat swab and CBC. The strep test came back negative, but the white blood cell count was a little high. So he informed me that I should administer Tylenol every six hours, and that he would not be issuing a prescription for Tylenol as I could buy that cheaply over the counter. Excuse me, what? There I stood with a four and eight year old - did he really think OTC Tylenol was news to me?? Guess so. He also wanted to give my forty pound, four year old a shot of Rocephin and send her home with oral antibiotics. Imagine my head tilting to the right and my left eyebrow lifting as I quickly reply, "I don't think I feel comfortable with that today... she's not had a shot of any antibiotic, and I have reacted to Rocephin before, and I really don't want to give her that strong of a medicine." Did this dude really think that after he told me I could buy Tylenol at Walgreen's that he was going to put Rocephin, the same medicine that made me pass out eight years ago when I received it for the first time, into my baby girl's rump?? I think not... so now you know the rest of the story. Not nearly as witty as the first draft, but just roll with it. And Madalyn is doing much better after two full days of her oral antibiotic.

Heath Care Reform: I very seldom discuss politics, but I think anyone can gather I am fairly conservative in most of my beliefs. I have talked before about how our health care system is a little jacked up - I know personally as we have been paying outrageous amounts of money for our health insurance for five years now and still have to pay large copays for doctor visits, prescription medicines and that dreaded $600 ambulance ride back in September of 2007. But what I would like to scream from the rooftops is that no matter what we do - reform or not reform - there is no such thing as free health care. It's the same as a loaf of bread in the grocery store... whether you just put it in your cart and pay for it without much thought, whether you bring a coupon and find it on sale and save yourself $1 off retail value, or whether you stuff it in your purse and run like the wind out the door, someone has to pay for it. Nothing is free. Instead of making people believe that they can get this awesome quality health care free of charge courtesy Mr. Obama, why don't we just try to work with what we've got and make it generally more effective and affordable. I completely understand that there is a huge population out there who never dreamed they wouldn't be able to afford health insurance. Trust me; the only way we have been able to maintain our insurance is that it has been removed out of our paycheck before we even have it in our hands. The past six months have been horrible for us, too - more than anyone reading this could ever know. But I have never felt like it was any one's responsibility other than mine and my husband's to provide anything for our family. Yes, we have been receiving a pay check, but I assure you it wasn't enough to keep this ship operating. And that paycheck left us unable to collect any benefits from the government at all. But we have dredged through... draining what little bit we had tucked away for the future, finding surprising gifts of love in our mailbox, and with a benefactor that enabled us to continue enjoying our son playing baseball. That's the way it should be... taking care of yourself and having people around you that love you enough to help even when you would never dream of asking for it. If our country lived by these principles, we wouldn't feel the need to promise our citizens free anything. Okay - let me jump off my soapbox.

Katy Perry: I can't stand her. I'm sorry. Her music is catchy and memorable, but since her first song about kissing a girl, I just can't get into her. I never dreamed that I would have to turn the radio station because there was a song on about a girl kissing a girl. Never dreamed it. And David and I actually had a little disagreement last year when I turned off the catchy tune. It was one of those that ended with, "You will understand one day why you are not listening to that song!" Sad thing is that she is beautiful and talented, but I just can't get over the image she wants to portray - this over-the-top, sexual, pin-up girl image that does nothing but underscore her talents as a songstress. And as I type, she preforms on the Today show, and I can see young girls in the crowd holding up signs. And I can't help but wonder, what in the world are the mothers of these young girls thinking by allowing their baby girls to be influenced by Katy Perry???

Night Off: Tonight, I am dropping my kids off with my parents for the night. We have no plans, but that's okay. I am just in such a desperate need for a break. I haven't had even an hour away from my kids since Scott and I had our little two day excursion to the beach almost two months ago (that trip was in early June). Literally, my kids have been with me the whole time - they interrupt my baths, they have been trailing behind me when I cut the grass, they are always there. And even though I love them so dearly (I really do!!), I am running on empty right now. I need a break. Everyone needs a break from time to time. Even super-mom, Crazy Mama. So tonight I will get a few hours, and tomorrow I'll have some time. And I don't really plan on doing anything except maybe going to Walmart or Target without having a single argument or conversation with anyone, nor having to threaten to pull out my spanker, nor having to explain, "No, we can't buy that today." The smallest things mean so much these days...

Good weekend to all! Now I only hope when I press the publish button that half of this doesn't disappear!

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Erika said...

I feel the same way about Katy Perry. The thing is, I don't think she is sexy at all. I think she ends up looking foolish half the time. Another song that drives me crazy is that one, Gives you Hell. It's catchy too, but I turn it everytime the kids are in the car.