Thursday, July 16, 2009

If anything happens to me...

Just to let you all know out there that if anything happens to me, my husband did it. Why, you may ask??

I had a little run in with the garage door opening this morning. The side view mirror didn't make out too well... The irony of it all was the setting of the scene.

This morning, I awoke rejuvenated and refreshed, ready to pay bills online and hunt for coupons for my trip to Publix this morning. I made out my list according to the sales flyer, paid the bills that needed to be paid, and went on a couple of coupon sites to see what I could find. I was excited - I found several really good coupons that applied to stuff I needed. The kids had slept in until almost ten, and I went upstairs to check on them and get them dressed to head to the store before the rain hit.

Madalyn had wet the bed. No biggie... a quick bath and I'd have her ready to go for my big savings.

I loaded the car with both kids, cranked it and began to back out of the garage - a task I do at least once a day. As I pulled out, something caught the corner of my eye - it was our neck-cooling-thingies I had just pulled out of the cooler the day before and sat them outside on the bench to dry out. I knew I needed to get them in before the rain started, so I was trying to make a mental note of that and back out at the same time. And of course Madalyn was in the background squawking about her seat belt being twisted. Next thing I knew, my mirror was in two pieces and the actual mirror part broken.

Dear me. Why does this kind of stupid crap have to happen at the worst time? I mean, it's not like it's a big deal, but it is the side-view mirror to my automobile. Now I can no longer adjust it (though I am glad it is in an okay position right now that I am able to see what I need to see out of it). Every time I look to the side I will see this dilapidated shattered old mirror on my super-nice Yukon. Just aggravating, you know.

The worst part of all is that I haven't told my husband about it yet. It's not like he'll be angry about it (no need to worry about my early demise) - granted, I think he'll be a little irritated. But I will never live it down. Never. And we'll have to have it replaced before we turn the in the lease in December. Can anyone say, "Merry Christmas, Crazy Mama!! You get a new mirror for the car you're about to turn back in to GMAC!!!"

You've gotta laugh it off. If you don't laugh at all this little irritating stuff, you might drown in your own tears. And besides, you never know what's next... life is a never ending stream of entertainment.

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Erika said...

I am reminded of a quote by Abe Lincoln, "I laugh because I must not weep. That's all. That's all." I repeat this to myself pretty regularly.