Friday, July 3, 2009

The Height of Our Social Season

When we first began digging the big hole in the backyard, I didn't fully understand the difference it would make in my life. I could envision relaxing Summer Sundays with the family, floating on a puffy mattress in the refreshing water, the kids splashing about, and laughter filling the air.

Do you know I have never laid on a float in my own pool and relaxed?

I knew we would entertain a lot - we are a family that entertains a lot anyway. During football season, we have people in and out to watch the games. If there's a big fight on, we order it and invite folks over. If there is absolutely nothing going on, we still have a few friends nearby to enjoy the nothingness with us. We enjoy having friends and family around, and my husband will invite most anyone to come hang out with us. But since the pool was built, we have had much larger gatherings. Mainly baseball parties.

We have hosted two all star parties (that's twelve players, parents, and siblings), an end-of-the-season party last year (that was ten players and families), three birthday parties for David, and just various get-togethers. In other words, so many of those relaxing weekends I imagined are spent in utter chaos. Complete and utter chaos - cannon ball splashing, little girl squealing, water bomb throwing madness.

It's not that I don't enjoy sharing our little bit of paradise with others... I do. I really do. The kids have so much fun. Everyone leaves saying, "Another great time at the Blair's!" And that really makes me happier than anyone can know. But it is exhausting and taxing on the nerves. And then when everyone exits stage left, there's usually a huge mess to clean up. So, as much as having the pool has been such a blessing for our family, there's this other side of it, too. The "more work to do" side.

So, tomorrow is the 4th. And we've invited the baseball team to celebrate with us - we are playing ball here in our hometown tomorrow, so it just seemed common sense. Our good friend is bringing his big fish fryer, and we are planning on some fireworks after dark. I know it will be fun, and I know all the work will be worth it, but I still have that dream...

Me. Pool float. Refreshingly cool water all around me. (Notice the absence of eleven seven and eight year old baseball players.)

A girl can dream, right?

Happy 4th to all!


Chelle said...

One day, my friend, one day...:)

Hey, wouldn't it be awesome if we could combine your pool and my porch? we would throw the party to end all parties and I PROMISE you would get a chance to relax.

Have a safe and happy Fourth!

Erika said...

I just keep thinking that one day the kids will be teenagers and then I can relax on a float in my pool.

Kate Hanke said...

Take the time to relax in the pool. It looks beautiful!! It has seemed to me that I am hosting one thing or another this summer and it is SO much work and SO stressful!

Steph said...

We ended up joining a club pool down the road from us and we are LOVING it! We already have a pile of boys hanging out at our house this summer and I figured it would multiply exponentially if we added a pool to the mix. And now we're not tied to our house for all eternity. That said, your pool is beautiful and I'd love to have one like it someday! You need to enjoy that pool once the kiddos are in school... make the time, you deserve it!