Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The Blair household has been beseiged by weird little illnesses as of late. Three weeks ago, David started the persistent, hacking cough, complained of his ear, and just seemed generally worn out. Madalyn has had many of the same issues, and I can't forget about the eye gunk that was soming out of both their eyes - always at differnet times (David's would clear up for a few days, and then Madalyn's would start back). Madalyn had a slight case of swimmer's ear two weeks ago. It just kinda seems like neither one of them have felt well, but there wasn't relaly anything horribly wrong with them either. Just aggrivating childhood illnesses.

The past few days have been no exception. Madalyn began complaining of her throat, which was really no surprise to me. Mine has hurt a little, but I have chalked it up to good ole' summer time sinus drainage. But last night, when her fever spiked up to 102.8, I got the feeling it could be something more than sinusitis. I started dialing the pediatrcian's office this morning around 8:00, the time they normally open the phone lines up for appointments. I called, and called, and kept trying to call but never could get anything aother than a busy tone or the after hours answering service message. Bye about 10:15, I decided to take her up to the local doc-in-a-box for a throat swab.

Here's the deal with doc-in-a-box... You just never really know what you are goign to get when you go. Will you get the older physician who has simply grown tired of the everyday of your own private practice and enjoys the flexibility of the walk-in clinic? Will you get the 26 year old whose ink is not yet dry on his or her certificate (or diploma or degree or whatever the heck it is those doctors get)? Or will you get the guy I got today???

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