Thursday, June 18, 2009


I am so blessed to have a pool right outside my back door. So blessed. Right now, when we are broke and it is hotter than blue blazes outside, I can rest easy that there is always something we can do - jump in the water!

The past two summers, Madalyn hasn't exactly been an outdoor or water girl. She would get in for a few minutes and then sneak back in the house to put on dry clothes and watch TV or get into trouble. Last year, she swam around with a little inner-tube around her. But she wouldn't get in without it - wouldn't even let me hold her in the water without some sort of floaty. The first summer we had the pool, she continually got in trouble once she went back in side. She'd climb on chairs and get snacks out of the pantry, and then there's the one time she actually locked me out of the house. On purpose. It wasn't pretty. But this year, she has completely fallen in love with the pool.

It has slowly progressed - she first put her face under the water, then started jumping in with a life vest on, and then realized she could touch in the shallow end. In this week alone she has started jumping in without her vest, swimming under the water, learned to do front and back flips, and dive down to the bottom of the shallow end and pick up toys with her hands. It's really quite a change from years past.

The best part of all has been watching the interaction between brother and sister.

I probably don't boast enough about my children. I always have a funny to tell on them or a frustration to relate. But what I love the most about my kids is their genuine affection for one another. They love each other so much and play so well together. I am not saying they don't fight at all, but for the most part, they really enjoy each other's company Madalyn has temporarily moved into her brother's room for the summer so she can "sleep over" every night. They are each other's best buddies right now, and I am just so grateful for each minute of it - cause I know it most likely won't last forever.

But for now, I'll cherish the sights of her riding on his back in the pool, him teaching her how to dive down to retrieve the Toypedo, and them running and doing cannon balls side by side. It just doesn't get much better than that, folks.

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