Friday, June 19, 2009

Let's have a moment of silence...

As soon as I brag on my kids yesterday, they have chosen to prove me wrong. They have been nothing short of demonic today. Seriously. I really think that overall they are just completely exhausted. Going to bed late, still waking up relatively early, swimming every day, and this freaking heat have all taken their toll on my kids. This has definitely been a day where I have had to bite my tongue - literally bite down on my tongue and keep myself from saying something I shouldn't.

I had to take both kids to run errands this morning. In the heat. Not fun. Enough said.

So, I am begging anyone who actually stops their day for a second to read this to say a small prayer for me on Sunday. It's David's birthday - eight whopping years old. And we have our state tournament here in our hometown this weekend. So what else would SUPER MOM do other than to invite the whole team to swim and celebrate after our final game on Sunday??????

Did you say, "Just take some stinking cupcakes to the game on Sunday and be done with it..."?????

Hmmmmm... but then I wouldn't be SUPER MOM. And that wouldn't be any fun at all.

Seriously, it will be a fantastic fun time for everyone here - with the exception of me. I will be buzzing about, picking up trash, pulling pool toys out of the dog's mouth, refereeing between children, and fixing paper plates of junk food. Oh, wait; that's what I do every day. But it's typically a smaller crowd, so my level of stress will be exceptionally high. The only advantage having such a large group over to celebrate is that it might keep my mind off the fact that my precious baby boy - the one that cried for his first four months of life but soon thereafter captured my heart unlike anyone had ever before - is turning eight. And so maybe I won't cry on his birthday like I do every year.

Something tells me I'll still find a moment to shed a little tear. My sweet little boy.

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Erika said...

I know I am a day late, but I hope everyone, including YOU had a great time! And dear God, where is the time going?!?!