Thursday, June 25, 2009

Got cravings?

Wow. I am seriously craving a big, fat, juicy hamburger here lately. Not a flat little fast-food burger. I want a homemade, fresh pattied, ground chuck burger. Grilled on a real grill. Loaded on a fat bun and topped with ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and freshly sliced onion. The kind of burger that as you eat, it drips juice onto your plate or your shirt or whatever else might lie underneath.

I am not pregnant, so what's up with the craving? Why do I just get something on my mind sometimes and can't think of anything else until I taste it? When I was pregnant with David, in the beginning, it was grape juice or apple juice. As the pregnancy progressed, it became a multitude of things - mainly spicy things. With Madalyn, it was just starchy carbs - cereal, powdered donuts, cakey snacks.

Right now, however, it's just a big 'ole piece of red meat. It's not incredibly healthy, but I guarantee the hamburger will be on my menu at some point this weekend.

In other on-the-edge-of-your-seat news, what little bit of the castle I got put together, Madalyn tore apart yesterday. David came downstairs to tell me that she had messed it up, and he had this devastating look on his face as if he knew it might not ever get put back together again. Then he commenced to say that, "She messes everything up." Even though I totally agree with him, I didn't do it out loud. If she had been around when he said it, I might have scolded him and told him not to say that about his sister. But since she was nowhere near, I just let him voice his opinion. Cause he's basically right. David can't really do or have anything that she doesn't somehow manage to mess up. But that's just part of having a little sister. And I just want to tell him, "You think sisters are bad? Just wait till you have kids of your own, David."

Okay. Really nothing of great significance to say today. Well, that's pretty much every day. I could spout off about the new philandering politician, but that's been done so many times before. And there's always Jon and Kate, but that's pretty much been resolved. So I'll just continue to obsess about the burger.

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RunnerMom said...

"You think sisters are bad? Just wait till you have kids of your own, David."
Girlfriend, I LOVE your honesty. LOL!

I think Logan's Roadhouse has a pretty good ground chuck burger, cooked medium. Had one once and it satisfied the craving. I get those cravings, too, at, um, certain times of the month. I also CANNOT watch Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives on the Food Network. It ignites such cravings!