Friday, June 5, 2009

Career Path?

So, as a ton of little kids around the world choose to do, Madalyn decided to cut her hair yesterday. And I know it's only hair, but it's my little girl's hair - the head of hair that I have watched finally fill in and get a teensy bit thicker and has the most amazing highlights you have ever seen. And in the blink of an eye and a clip of the five-inch, red handled safety scissors, it was gone. She just got right around her face on one side, but the worst of it will be when her 1/4 of an inch bangs she cut start growing out.

What was she thinking? I was in the tub when it all took place, and as I was applying my daily rub-down of lotion, she walked into the bathroom and said these words: "If you cut it, it won't be in your eyes." And her statement wasn't entirely accurate as now it hangs more in her eyes than ever - at least before she could stick it behind her ear.

I did spank her - just one good hard swipe to the leg - mainly because she should know better than to play with scissors like that. I have been letting she and her brother use that pair of scissors to cut open their popsicles, but I never dreamed she would turn into a hairdresser with them. It never once crossed my mind. I also stood her in front of the mirror to see what she had done. She was upset when she saw her handiwork, and I really felt like that was all the punishment she needed. Sometimes shame is all it takes, especially when you are four.

Last night, when I was washing her hair in the tub, she asked me the most amazing question - "Mommy, am I still pretty?" And my heart melted right there and puddled on the floor. What a great opportunity to share with your daughter all those things you hope she'll feel about herself - that it isn't what you look like on the outside that makes you beautiful. It's how you treat your friends, how you mind your parents, how kind you are to others that make you pretty. And that even if she cut off all her hair, she would still be beautiful to me. She will always be the most beautiful girl to me... no matter what. And I will always love her, even when she cuts her hair and makes me angry.

And then she smiled her pretty little smile, and she seemed satisfied with my answer. Cause isn't that what we all want to know - that even when we screw up and make mistakes (or even do things that we know are wrong before we do them) that we will still be loved. By someone. By Mama. By Daddy. By God.

Oh, the beauty of unconditional love. I am so grateful to have my children to teach me these little lessons. So grateful.

But she better not ever cut her hair again. Just sayin'.


ctstrickland said...

Did I ever tell you about the time that my David cut his? He was 3ish and I asked Leigh why she didn't tell me what he was doing...she said I told her not to interupt when I was on the phone, so I guess it was my fault...Ha! It did grow back. Oh yeah, Parker cut his eye lashes!!! They grew back too!

Sylvia said...

Rebecca's mom here. I love your blog and especially the Firefly Moments. I used to own a sewing shop and a lady came in and told me a hair cutting story. Seems her little girl took the sewing scissors (very sharp),flipped her head upside down and whacked at the hair with them. She cut up her ears and took chunks of hair off down to the scalp. They had to even it up and she looked like a cancer patient. The funny thing about it was the little girl had been a real brat (my words, not her mother's) and it totally changed her personality. People were so shocked at what she had done and commented on it, that it made her very shy and withdrawn. This is a lesson for us adults--just like children, we do not need to comment on everything we see. Even if it is a little brat with a weed eater hairdo.