Monday, May 18, 2009

Day One

Day one of Summer break with the four-year-old. Dear me. It promises to be a long one.

Spankings (And, yes - I do believe in spanking my child. Gasp in horror if you like, but that's how I roll around here. And I can only imagine how bad both my kids would be if I had chosen to spare the rod.) have been plentiful around my home recently. I just find myself in a state of intolerance lately. I am tired of repeating requests ten times. I am tired of raising my voice all day. I am tired of being ignored and disobeyed. I am sick of my kids (mainly the youngest) just not minding. I carried them in my womb, and I was miserable the whole time, and I had stitches in places where stitches just should not be, so, therefore, I would love to be minded just 75% of the time around here. Thank you.

This morning, we started out a little rocky. Madalyn got into my makeup bag which included a bottle of fingernail polish. She carried it into her brother's room and commenced to paint her nails. Thank goodness this time she didn't get any on the carpet. Yes, I said, "This time." That means that Madalyn and I have been over this before. So, this time, she was smart enough to hide the polish in one of her little purses when she was done. Only problem with fingernail polish is that you can't hide the smell or the end result. And so by 10:00 am, Miss Madalyn was receiving her first spanking of the day.

Not two hours later, I found her in David's room again, another bottle if fingernail polish in hand and in the process of going over the morning's first pedicure with a different color. You see, my friends, this is why we don't get along very well, me and my daughter. She really believes that she's gonna get away with this stuff - honestly believes it in her soul - and therefore continues to do the same things over and over again, feeling certain that this time she'll outsmart me.

I also found her in possession of the entire contents of my personal makeup bag. She had brilliantly disguised it by putting it into another little purse of hers. Like I would really look in there and think, "Oh, wow. What a coincidence. Madalyn and I like the same kind of mascara. And she uses Bare Essentials, too. Amazing." Oh, this child never ceases to amaze me at what she'll attempt to pull off. Never.

Insert spanking number two.

Just about two hours later, she kept trying to lure me into David's room to show me something. When I finally obliged, I found an entire hot dog bun broken up all over the floor. Someone help me please. Someone please tell me what I can do to keep this child from driving me over the edge this summer?

Insert spanking number three. Along with the spanking, I made her vacuum up the mess. Bless her heart, she is not even as tall as the vacuum cleaner yet, but I lowered the handle and turned it on and made her do it.

I'll spare you the fourth story in its entirety. But yet again, it involved her not wanting to mind. It is a vicious never-ending cycle that keeps my insides spinning like a freaking tornado to the point where I think surely the sirens will go off at the local fire station. But they don't. And I am left to try to calm the storm inside myself somehow. Somehow.

I just wonder why I was paired with Madalyn. Why did God think I could handle this? What does He want me to learn from her? I know I shouldn't doubt my abilities as a mother to the little souls I have been given, but I do. And I guess all I can do is just do the best I can do. But day one of Madalyn vs. Crazy Mama - hold on and let me check the score card - winner by total knock out is Madalyn. She definitely takes the belt today.


carrie said...

Todd was that way. I had many days just like you described except with boy things. I would cry sometime pleading with God to make him act right for one day. I can say that he is such a well behaved boy today! He is still stubborn but he has learned how to turn it into a positive. Persitance does pay off! I will say a prayer for you because I understand how badly you need them on days like that!

Erika said...

You are her momma because you have the strength to stick with it and keep disciplining her when she needs it. Most moms would have thrown their hands up and let her run wild. Just remember too, to pick your battles. Sometimes ignoring their behaviour works just as well as giving them the negative attention. I love you! You know I couldn't stay at home with my kids. You're doing a great thing.

Chelle said...

"I just wonder why I was paired with Madalyn. Why did God think I could handle this?"

I used to ask myself the exact same question about my daughter, right around the time she was, oh, two. And, three. Oh, and four.

Actually, I'll let you know when I STOP asking that question.

On the other hand, I like a challenge and I wouldn't trade her for the world and, I know you feel the same way about Madalyn.

Hang inthere! If nothing else, we'll have GREAT stories to tell out grandchildren about their eeeevil mothers :)