Thursday, April 30, 2009

To worry, or not to worry... that is the question.

Should I worry about the Swine Flu? Everywhere I look tells me I should be afraid. The TV, internet homepage, newspapers - all the headlines are the same. Epidemic. Pandemic. The destruction of humanity as we know it. I don't know what to think, but I have been trying my best not to worry, and now I am afraid that my worry is imminent. As imminent as the destruction of mankind by the Swine Flu.

Didn't we freak out like this about SARS a few years ago? And what about the Bird Flu? West Nile Virus? Every couple of years, it's something new. Something I am supposed to be very afraid about and could possibly kill me and my entire household. And I am really just freaking tired of it.

It is enough to push someone right over the edge of insanity, I tell you. Makes you not want to be in a crowd of people at all. Just two weeks ago, as I sat in the American Family Care with David on a Sunday morning, I listened to the coughs of all the sick folks in there. I remember thinking I hoped we didn't walk away with something much worse than what we arrived with. Little did I know the possibility then - it wasn't until a few days ago that I caught wind of all this Swine Flu hype.

Anyway - I am still trying to not allow myself to be freaked out by this pandemic. In other words, I will have to cut off all ties with the outside world. No TV. No internet. No nothing. (And yes, dear friends, I am aware that's a double negative. I am using creative licence here.) I am considering a gas mask - screw those paper surgical style masks. I want the real deal that will protect me in a nuclear attack or flu epidemic. Might as well cover all my bases.

In the mean time, I am going to go cut the grass in my back yard. This is also a good protection mechanism as the more time I spend exposing my body to outdoor allergens, the more swollen the inside of my nose gets. And the more swollen the inside of my nose gets, the less likely for any virus, Swine Flu included, to actually make its way into my mucous membranes. Just a thought.

Happy worrying, everyone!

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RunnerMom said...

Me, too. I'm trying not to let the media freak me out. A part of me wants to outfit my two-year-old with a surgical mask though.