Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Econimic Crisis

This country is an a strange and trying time. Everywhere I look, I see signs of struggle. Just yesterday, I set out for a walk - you know, a de-stress yourself kind of walk. Not four houses down from where I live, I saw the gas man ringing the bell of a neighbor. I think we all know why he was there, and it wasn't to ask them if they had been pleased with their natural gas service for the past several months or if there was anything they could do to better please them. People are struggling. All types of people. People I have always considered to be lower class are struggling even more than they were before. Single mothers. The wealthiest of the wealthy are fighting to keep their jobs or struggling to find another at half the salary they were accustomed to making.

These are trying times. Perhaps the most trying my generation will ever live through. Perhaps times my grandchildren will read about one day in their textbooks and ask me questions about.

Just now, as I logged onto my computer and my homepage popped up, my eye was drawn to this headline. It's a story that has been heard all too often in recent months - a relatively young, successful man doing something so incredibly drastic because of the strain of these desperate times. This particular story focuses on a suicide. Does anyone remember the man that jumped out of the airplane over Alabama in an attempt to fake his own death to avoid the circumstances of his business and personal life? All around us, people are hurting, are afraid, are uncertain of tomorrow or even tonight. Marriages are failing. Children are losing their parents. So many are out of a job or without a home - or both.

I don't really have a purpose for this post. I think it's more or less therapeutic for me. I often try to look around me when I am stressed and see those that are struggling more than me so I can remind myself of my blessings. Because I do have many blessings. So, so many. I just wonder, today, as I sit here and type, how many people are out there hurting and scared to the point that they are considering taking their own life. It really humbles me and challenges me to look at the difficult times in a different way. And it reminds me to pray for all of those out there who are facing desperate times, no matter what the cause may be.

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