Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A boy obsessed...

My son is obsessed with multiplication. Yes - as in math. As in "four times two equals eight." I don't know when or how it started, but it has just in the past few days reached an all time high. He is asking me all these questions at the most random times during the day. Having not really used multiplication that often in the past eight years - not a whole lot of math needed to do laundry and vacuum, you know - I am not so quick on my feet.

"Mama - is nine times eight 64?"
"Wait - wait a minute. Nine times eight is... ummmm... oh, it's 72!! It's 72!"

I am just as excited to know that I can still figure out the answers as David is to discover that he has actually gotten one out of ten correct. Ridiculous.

I keep telling him that he needs to perfect addition and subtraction before branching out into multiplication. I don't remember doing multiplication in the second grade. I thought that was more fourth grade or at least the end of the third. But, granted, when I learned multiplication, things were a little different. That was back when you asked someone to roll down the window, they actually had to roll it down, not just press a button. Those were the days when you wanted to watch a movie, you actually had to get dressed and go to the theater. And for the most part, unless your family was extremely technologically savvy, you had to get up to change the channel on the TV. So, I would assume that even math has changed. Well, I know it's changed as I was the one who had to teach my son how to add two digit numbers together and explain to him that I knew no other way to do it than to carry the one. David swore he wasn't supposed to do it that way, but I assured him that it's the way it had been done for so long now that there couldn't be too much wrong with it. If they want them to do it differently now, they should teach the parents first.

Anyway - David came home yesterday from school talking about I didn't really believe that it was a real website until we looked it up. David believes you just put a .com behind any word or phrase and it makes a website. I have had to explain over and over again that it just isn't so, and we've gone round and round about him not Googling to find such websites. If you had asked me twenty years ago what I'd be arguing with my seven-year-old son about, I would have never said, "Googling." None the less, the website is really cool, and you can find it by filling in the exact web address David gave me - It's just that simple.

Still - second grade and learning multiplication. David is still incredibly slow with simple addition and subtraction. Are we not filling the brain too quickly? Does this mean I will have to use my brain more and more everyday? Will these math quizzes for mom never stop?

I think I had better brush up on my skills. Or, I should just find a calculator small enough to fit in any pocket so I can quickly check my brain's answers. Oh, there is a day coming all too quickly that my child will officially become much smarter than me - with math, anyways.

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