Thursday, April 23, 2009

Alone with my thoughts

Being alone with your thoughts is sometimes a strange place to be. At least it is when you are inside my head. I can only vouch for myself on this one...

Today, I headed out for a walk (it's all a part of my de-stress myself plan - eating better and exercising more). I got Buddy all ready and leashed up and headed out the gate before realizing I didn't have my MP3 player. It's loaded up with any and all kinds of music - current pop hits, older country stuff, rock hits from the 80's and 90's, and contemporary Christian to boot. I do have some more questionable booty tunes on there as well, but I won't get into that right now. Anywho - I didn't want to turn back, and I quickly remembered that I used to walk without music like ALL THE TIME before I became technologically savvy and purchased said handy-dandy MP3 player. In other words, who needs music to burn calories?

So there I was, walking, hearing nothing in my ear except the birds and the breeze and the hum of the lawn mowers. And I must admit, it was rather pleasant.

Some observations from today:

What kind of animal would poop on the sidewalk? Not in the grass or the mulch of a flower bed, but right on the concrete sidewalk. I have wondered this for at least four years since walking in my neighborhood. It is only in one small area of the neighborhood, so it leads me to believe it could be some one's pet. But the overall appearance of the evidence is unlike anything I have ever seen before. And I have just never known a dog or cat to poop on the concrete. It must be some sort of critter. I am perplexed every time I see it, and this really captivated my mind today. So, without music in my ears, I think abut what animal poops on the sidewalk.

I really feel sorry for the fiance of the Craig's List Killer. I can't remember his name, and it really doesn't matter. But I really wish I knew her name so I could pray for her by name every day. She is suffering greatly right now; her whole world has been torn apart and turned upside down. I know how that feels - to find out that someone you love and who claims to love you isn't who you thought they were at all. And that's a very painful reality. I just kept thinking about her and wondering how she was doing.

Why are they painting the sign posts brown? All the signs and mailboxes and light posts in our neighborhood are black cast iron. Now four of them have been sanded and painted brown. I saw two workmen sanding them yesterday. Surely they aren't painting them all brown; surely the brown is some sort of primer to block the rust from bleeding through. I am not huge on matching colors - Scott will sometimes wear black shoes with a brown belt, and I have certainly been known to not switch out a purse just for the sake of matching. But this was really disturbing to me today as I walked. The brown poles stuck out like a pink flamingo would in the grass, and I honestly hope this was not approved by the home owner's association. If so, I want a recount of the votes because there must be some mistake.

Okay - so I just gave the world (well, the handful in the world that read this blog) a glimpse into the mind of me. Scary, isn't it?

And for the record, the song that was stuck in my mind today during my walk - that has been stuck in my head for the past two weeks, really - is "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. Or is it Hannah Montana? Oh, I don't know which ego gets credit for the hit, but we (being me and Madalyn) are off to see the movie tomorrow. So I'll be sure to give a review.


Erika said...

If those are your weirdest thoughts, I'd say you are pretty normal. :) And yay for my work internet security not working at the moment!

RunnerMom said...

Can I admit I really enjoy that song? "There's always gonna be another mountain, I'm always gonna want to make it move...." I just love that. And I really enjoyed the movie, perhaps more than my 6-year old and her little friend.

Sometimes it's good to leave the MP3 behind and get in tune with your surrondings--- brown posts and poop and all. :-)

RunnerMom said...
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RunnerMom said...

sorry, I removed my double post.