Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two Post Day

Sorry to all of my two readers out there - it's a two post day!!

My sister-in-law shared this website with me. And I don't know if we are the only two people that have a warped sense of humor or not, but I have been rolling in the floor this morning looking at this stuff. It's all a riff on those motivational posters and other various merchandise we have all seen in a business or our local Office Max.

My favorite reads as follows:
Challenges - I expected times like this- but I never thought they'd be so bad, so long, and so frequent.

Oh, and there's one about government and a great one about blogging (ironically).

It's good stuff, so if you think you are even half as crazy as I am, you might want to check it out for a good laugh and a great resource for your next gag gift.

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