Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not Normal

Has anyone seen this massive media blitz about the lions or tigers or whichever they are?? What is the deal with all these humans associating with wild animals lately? Now we see what happens to the liberal media when a Democrat is elected - they have no Republicans to pick on, and therefore turn to reporting about humans swimming with and hugging on lions. Anyway - am I the only person who finds this behavior odd? Granted, this comes from a woman who sponge bathed her dog yesterday. But he is a domestic dog, not a ravenous wolf. See the difference?

All I am saying is that you would think by now in our modern society we would have learned that animals - especially those that outweigh us and prefer to eat meat - should not be considered our friends. Respected and revered, maybe. Protected, definitely. But friends - absolutely not.

I was also disturbed as of late about a picture in the media of our President drinking a beer at an NBA basketball game. First, I want to know who paid for the tickets and the beer. Was that from his fortune made off his books, or was that from the money my husband paid into the tax system last year? Or, is that part of the stimulus package? Just wondering. But the biggest thing I have juggled in my mind is this - is it appropriate for the President of the United States to drink a beer in such a public forum? I just don't know. I think it goes without saying that I don't have a problem with anyone drinking a beer or two. It's not the beer that bothered me; it's the fact that the President has to be on his toes all the time, ready to press the button if need be. And I think it just sends this weird signal to foreign leaders (or perhaps terrorist leaders) that our President is incredibly relaxed and unworried. Not that he needs to be dressed in sack cloth and wailing in the streets, but this is a difficult and stressful economic time for many families. And we are also a country at war. How appropriate is it for the President to be sipping suds at a basketball game? Or to appear on the Tonight Show (as he is scheduled to do so tonight)? I just don't think that's normal presidential behavior.

It is also not normal for your daughter to not have a bowel movement for three days. I know I totally changed subject here, but it promises to be a major issue in my house today. I don't think she has gone since Sunday. She is not one who will just go anywhere, and I don't exactly blame her. We have battled this issue on and off for three years. She holds it, becomes increasingly miserable, I give her the true miracle of life (Miralax), and we wait for it to do its magic. So we are sorta trapped at the house until she goes. And that's just not normal - to plan your day around your daughter's pooping schedule (or lack thereof). Oh whatever.

I am still a little upset that the Pres didn't invite me to sit court side with him at the game. Or buy me a beer. But I'll get over it.

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RunnerMom said...

I know the President is also a professing Christian. I wonder if lots of Christians are up in arms about this for a different reason (not to say Christians can't drink), but you know what I mean.

Sorry about the poop difficulties!