Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Ramblings

What a weekend. Severe thunderstorms and torrential downpours all through the day on Friday. Major pool fiasco on Saturday. Several inches of snow on Sunday. I am completely worn out. Well, I am completely worn out most days, so perhaps I should just say more worn out than normal.

I am happy to report that the pool looks fantastic and almost back to normal. Again, huge props to my neighbors (him for actually doing the tedious work and her for giving him up for three hours on a Saturday morning) for all their help. When the pool guy said the remaining water would absorb back in to the soil behind the walls, I doubted him a little. But the man knows what he's talking about!! We were excited to see flat pool walls yesterday despite the added precipitation.

About the snow - I am a southerner through and through. Last year's snow was exciting as it was the first snow either of my kids had ever experience. But there was no part of me that looked forward to it this year. I kept denying the possibility all week. But Saturday afternoon, I caved in and hit the grocery store to avoid having to make a snowy or icy trip. We also rented a couple of movies to occupy the kids a little while indoors. Madalyn found a movie based on the game Candy Land. I don't think I have talked about our household fascination with Candy Land. Santa was great enough to bring it to Madalyn, and we have played Candy Land a combined total of 4,893 times since then. No exaggeration. At first, I would play it with her like three times a day. It began to wear on me, though, and I started limiting my play to once a day. She would get angry and yell and scream and cry, but my patience couldn't take any more Candy Land. I had just had enough, and I really thought playing once a day was sufficient. Especially considering her daddy and brother would often play with her at night. Anywho - Madalyn finds this crazy weird movie based on her favorite game. I think she has watched it twenty times this weekend. Happy to report that the fascination with the movie has temporarily replaced the fascination with the game; I didn't have to play all weekend.

David rented a Sponge Bob movie. I mean, why would you rent Sponge Bob? He is on every second of every single day it seems. And it has got to be the most meaningless animated show for kids. Both my kids fall into this weird trance while watching, and the reality of the world fades away and all they can hear is his annoying laugh. I stopped one day to watch it with them just to see why they like it so much. I never could figure out what the attraction to the show was, but I did feel myself fall in to that same trance-like state. My mouth opened slightly as I sat and watched. It is just mindless. Mindless entertainment. Kinda like my reality TV. So I quit fretting about it so much, because I definitely understand my attraction to mindless entertainment. However, I still feel like there could be some sort of subliminal messaging going on in the background. I just hope it's not to kill your parents or mame animals in your home. I know there are no messages to be kind to your mom and eat all your veggies. Who knows.

So, it's Monday. Laundry. Cold day. Buddy is at the vet, so everyone can stay on their toes for a health update on him tomorrow. And I ate a ton of Doritos for lunch. I have got to start eating better. I don't think Doritos are giving me all the nutrition I need to make it through the day. But they do contain corn, so that's good.

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RunnerMom said...

I kind of enjoy Sponge Bob. There's this one episode where he's a stay-at-home-mom. Definitely my favorite.

I bought a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos today (big bag for $3) and thought, what am I doing? The two-year-old and I munched on them all the way home. Then, know what I did??? I left them in my CAR so the big kids won't eat them all. I think I have a Dorito problem.

Inspired by your recent Buddy story, this weekend we adopted a kitten. The pound only gives them 5 days, then it's lights out. She's so cute and sweet, but she's definitely making my life harder. (Threw up on the carpet twice, pooped on the floor, unrolled the toilet paper roll completely, woke me up at 5:45.) I already kind of love her, but I resent the extra work at the same time. KWIM?