Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Make-up Lady

I was having a rough sort of morning. Madalyn climbed into bed with me at about 4:50 am, and it took me a while to realize she was slightly damp (if you know what I mean). So, I had to get her up and make her go to the bathroom and change her. After that, I just let her climb back in bed with me. She sniffed and rolled around, and I coughed and listened to the distant thunder. I knew my eyes would not close again. I was already tired from nursing mine and Madalyn's colds for the past week. Now I would begin another day even more exhausted from lying awake thinking, "Is that thunder? I knew it was supposed to rain, but not in the morning. In the afternoon. No it can't be thunder. There it is again... it must be thunder." This conversation went on with myself for quite sometime until I convinced myself that, indeed, it was thunder. And, as usual, I was right. That's what's nice about arguing with yourself. You'll always be right no matter what conclusion you come to.

Anywho - finally put in a call to the pediatrician about Madalyn. Almost ten days with congestion and green gunky stuff in the eyes is long enough to wait to call the doctor. She has a pretty nasty sinus infection and the beginning stages of an ear infection. So now I get to convince her twice a day for the next ten days that she needs to take medicine that is supposed to taste like strawberry but really doesn't at all. I needed to run a couple of errands despite the chilly rain, one of which was to pay the Belk bill. We went in and browsed a little trying to get some Easter wardrobe ideas in my head. On the way out, I asked the Estee Lauder lady to take my bill for me. She didn't seem that thrilled to do it until after she had processed the transaction. She asked in her make-up lady voice, "We are in our giveaway right now.What kind of make-up do you use?"

I was so not in the mood for the make-up lady. Or the shoe lady or jewelry lady, for that matter. I was in no mood for any lady at all. And had I not felt so sleep deprived from the past several days, I might have snapped back a clever way to get out of what I knew she wanted to do. But I was not thinking on my toes at that point. Within seconds, I found myself sitting in the white pleather stool having my make-up removed on the left side of my face so she could match my shade. Lovely.

Of all the days for someone to convince me I need my shade matched she picks the day I have a monster zit coming up on my left side - right to the left of my chin. And it's the kind that hurts. It all happened so fast that I didn't even have time to suggest that she do the right side. I mean, why would you want to try to match the side that has a big red zit on it anyway? Not a true representation of my color - or, I guess I should say shade. As she is wiping away the old and making way for the new, she asks the other dreaded question, "What kind of skin care do you use?"

I mean, does she really want to know? Does she want me to spell it all out for he in all its insanity - "I use Neutrogena Blackhead Removing cleansing pads in the morning, followed with Garnier Nutrisse eye cream and Proactiv Repair lotion. In the evening, I cleanse with a gentle Neutrogena cleanser and follow with the afore mentioned eye cream and a Neutrogena Retinol Night Cream." In other words, "I don't use your fancy, wonderful smelling face cleansing line that costs three times as much as what I buy at Wally-World. Thanks for caring, though." There's just something about when someone asks you what kind of make-up or skin care you use. It either means that you look great and they want to try to duplicate it, or that you look tired and beat down by life and they know just the thing you need.

I know what I need - I need to stop having zits in my thirties, thank you. And I need a couple of days lying on the beach in the sun with no kids around. No kids - no one else's kid running around either. Peaceful sun soaking. With sunscreen, of course. That's nothing I am going to find in a little plastic container with a gold cap on it.

Anyway - the shade was matched. I am happy to report that in the newest line of foundation Estee Lauder has to offer - Nutritious 2 - I wear the shade Prudence. And I left the store with a ten day supply to try. My zit is still there, though, but it does look refreshed. I only hope, however, that those ten vitamins and minerals in the foundation meant to nourish the skin don't cause the zit to grow even more.


Erika said...

I'm very proud of you leaving with just a sample! I felt the same last November when we went into Sephora and the guy asked me about my drugstore make-up, which by the way, I am back to using now that my expensive stuff is out and really, can't tell a difference!

Chelle said...

Sadly, I am here to tell you that the pimples don't magically disapear at 40, either. Damnit.