Thursday, March 5, 2009

Busy Week

Wow. This week has just flown by. I have been so busy, but as I look back over the week, I can't really tell you what I did. Just the day to day that has to be done. And the baseball practice. And the pool recovery project.

All good news this week, thank goodness. David had trip number two to the orthodontist for a second opinion with a different doctor. And thankfully, we got a totally different report. This guy said David's teeth look great - they are healthy and his bite is perfect. He really sees no need for intervention at this point. The baby teeth will come out and give more room for the teeth behind them. Those teeth may come in a little crazy, but he feels it better to let nature take its course and then deal with those results later. Amen. Hallelujah. I'll go with that diagnosis. And I am happy to report that this orthodontist gives orthodontists their good name back in my book. He was dressed respectfully, and he was great with David without once using the words homey or bro. I knew it was possible. But apparently fresh coffee and cookies are now status quo in the waiting area. So apologies to my mom and dad who obviously didn't get all their money's worth in refreshments back in my orthodontic hay day.

Buddy Love, the swelling of my heart, is now a free dog. Free to play and jump and run as any dog loves to do. And he is truly a joy. I think I need Buddy more than anything. He can't ask me for anything. He will never stomp away from me in anger muttering the words, "I don't like you." He is really overly excited to see me any time of the day. He wants to be close to me during the day, staying on the deck outside the kitchen. He'll lay and nap right in front of the window or the door depending on where I am. I try to get out there to play with him a couple times a day. He just loves life. Sooooo much. And that's what me and Scott need the most right now. Someone around here that just doesn't know any better than to just love everything about life. I know the kids are kinda that way, but they sure can be so unappreciative and difficult sometimes. Poor Buddy is just excited over a fresh bowl of water and a stinking soccer ball. He needs no thrills or spills. Just love and food. And he is so sweet and cute.

We are preparing for our first tournament of the Spring baseball season. And I am excited. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE TO WATCH MY SON PLAY BASEBALL. Love it. We had a practice game last night, and David got his first double play on his own by catching a sweet line drive up the first baseline and whipping around a tagging first base as the runner had left to head toward second. Amazing. He has come so far from the gravely insecure boy who first stepped on a field two years ago. Now I feel David feels the most confident when he is on the ball field. He just fits there. He loves everything about the sport, and he genuinely wants to learn more and do better. Not to mention he is just an incredible kid. A little bratty and whiny from time to time, but a good kid all around. And I can't wait to watch him take the field this weekend and begin a new chapter in his life. We did a little travel in the fall, but the Spring is different and more competitive. So I am anxious to see how our team does. And you know I will be reporting on Monday. Just be glad you don't have to hear about it in person and pretend that you care. Hopefully, I will be bubbling over with excitement about how well we did.

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