Monday, March 30, 2009


Saturday turned out to be a lovely day around here. The sun finally showed its happy face, the temperature was delightful, and we enjoyed some time in the fresh air. While the kids were playing outside, I decided I would clean out the 52 Starburst wrappers that covered the floorboard in the backseat. I know - I probably should have demanded that my kids clean it up, but it was the youngest that was responsible, and it's just easier sometimes to do it myself. Save myself the battle.

I opened up the driver's side backseat door (David's side) and started cleaning up. Something caught my eye on the inside of the door. Something on the little armrest of the door where the window controls are located. Two little things - what was it? It looked familiar, but my brain couldn't quite process. That is until I picked it off with my finger and examined it more closely.

Two boogers.

I called David over to the vehicle, and asked, "Are these boogers?"

He just looked at me like, "Do I really have to answer that?!?" He knew that I knew. He knew that he was responsible. And I could tell he was trying to find a way to justify his actions.

I kindly explained that we don't put our boogers on the inside of the car. In fact, we don't put our boogers anywhere except in a tissue or, when we find ourselves in a pickle, in a piece of paper. I mean, I have found myself in a bind before without a tissue, and I will blow my nose into a piece of paper if need be. Of course, David wasn't blowing anything at all; he was picking. But the point remains true - we don't place boogers on any inanimate object and leave them there for someone else to find.

What was David's response? "I didn't know."

Well, you know what dear, sweet, precious child of mine? I never realized I would have to tell another human being that it's inappropriate to wipe your boogers on the inside of my car. That's just a conversation I've never rehearsed. But then again, motherhood is full of the unrehearsed and unexpected. And I am amazed at every turn and bump in the road.

Boogers. Boys are so gross.


Nana's Notes said...

this is just a little bump in the road...wait till you experience the BIG out!!!!!

Erika said...

Shey calls them boogies and then it's kinda cute. ha ha

Kristin said...

I find Miles' boogers all over the place... today they were on the arm of the sofa. He always acts like he has no idea what I'm saying when I bring it up. But he knows.