Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blah, blah, blah

We have been battling a little cold around here the past few days - me and the baby girl. And like all moms, when my kids are sick, I wish I could take it out of them and put it into myself. But my reasons are different with Madalyn ; she is even more difficult than usual when she is sick. She is at her worst when she is on the verge of sickness - you know, doesn't have a fever but feels bad enough to be grumpy. And trust me when I say that Madalyn is grumpy every day of the week. So one can imagine what happens when you add in a little bit of a cold with stuffy nose and gunky eyes.

Crazy Mama has been ready and willing to cause bodily harm to her own flesh and blood.

I can't figure her out. I don't quite know where she comes from. Okay - I am a little dramatic and sassy at times, but not nearly to the extreme my dear little one is. Scott is high maintenance, but it's more like he prefers everyone else to do stuff for him instead of fooling with it himself. So, I guess if you put both those personalities together, multiply it times twelve, and add in a big brother who dotes over her incessantly, you would come up with our Madalyn. And I don't have a clue what to do with her still. She is four now, and I really don't have her figured out at all. By this age with David, I could reason with him. He minded for the most part. I knew what discipline strategies worked with him. But with the little princess of the house, it changes from day to day - heck, it changes from moment to moment.

My Madalyn is a sweet girl. She is not mean by nature nor would I call her bad. She simply refuses to give into the fact that she is not Queen Bee around here. And I refuse to allow her to step into the role. Therein lies our problem - a battle for control a thousand times her size. And there are days like yesterday when I want to jump in my car and drive until it runs out of gas and pretend that I have amnesia. Instead, I locked myself in the computer room downstairs and cooled off for a minute. Well - it took about fifteen minutes, and I still wasn't completely cooled off. But I was cooled down to the point where I knew it was safe to go out.

Anyway - I am happy to report that her symptoms are much better this morning. Her nose is less stuffy, and I didn't have to get a warm wet rag to clean off her eyes this morning. So Madalyn should return to her average high maintenance self instead of the over-the-top version I have been dealing with for the past few days.

Perhaps I won't have to lock myself in any rooms today.

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