Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There Is Hope

We have hope today. Can't you feel it?? It is welling up inside all our souls and seeping out our pores. And it is all because of our president's speech last night.

Oh, you don't feel any different? Hmmm. Come to think of it, neither do I. Nor do any of those banks my husband has to talk to every day to try to get car loans approved. Nor does my checkbook which believes there is no end in sight to low balances. Nor does my credit score which is threatening to plummet if these banks don't start lending out money so we can sell some cars and my checkbook can show some positive balances. I think you get the point.

We wanted to watch him last night for two reasons. I think we believed that we might hear some good news - some strong plans to help our segment of the population (the one that pays their bills on time somehow EVERY month but is commission paid and really getting nervous). And, secondly, I think I was hoping to feel some of those positive vibes - the vibes that convinced so many (not me) to vote for him last year. I wanted to feel all gooey inside. I wanted to feel safer and that someone was thinking about me. But I didn't get it.

So here we are today. No different from yesterday. I guess the Blairs will just keep trucking along. We'll see if we will even have a paycheck for February. It will be minimal, but at least we will get something. We have salesmen at our lot that won't get anything at all. That's just the ones that are left there; I won't even mention the ones that lost their jobs earlier this month.

But there is hope. I know in my heart that we will never go hungry. We will always have a roof over our heads. My children will have everything they need. We can have faith that our God protects us and fills our needs in ways we can't even see sometimes. We just have to hold tight to that faith to get us through these rough patches. Because we will make it through. We always do.

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