Friday, February 20, 2009

One of those days...

Ever had one of those days when you feel like there must be someone sitting on the sidelines getting their laughs at your expense?? I guess I should rephrase - how many of those days have you had recently? Because I know we all have them. I just wonder if everyone else's are as numerous as mine.

It all started last night when we were getting ready to walk over to the school for the second grade musical performance. Buddy is still on activity lock down, so I am still having to put him on the leash to walk and do his business and he must be crated when I leave the house. So I had him in the backyard on the leash, and he was just acting crazy. Jumping, too excited, raging lunatic behavior. I really feel sorry for him because he's just unable to get his energy out. But last night, he jumped up on Madalyn, and so I told the kids to go on ahead into the driveway and I would get some space between them. Just as David made it to the gate and opened it, Buddy flailed up and bucked sorta and came right out of his collar which was, of course, attached to his leash. And off he went. And further and further away, hot on the trail of his maker only knows what. I was livid, not to mention scared. I could envision in my mind Buddy mid-stride just keeling over dead from one of those worms getting into his lungs. But he didn't; and he didn't listen to me or stop running either. I finally caught up to him two streets back. I cut through backyards and sideyards to get to him, and I was not in a pleasant mood when I reached him. So I tightened the collar around his neck and blessed him out the whole walk home.

So then this morning I make the fifteen mile trek to the pool place. It is around completely nowhere or nothing. I never venture in this direction unless going to the pool place, and I have been known to put the trip off to the last possible minute. I needed several things including bags of salt and a replacement part for the little vacuum cleaner thing. Got there - dressed and with makeup on, I might add - and it was closed.

I then went to my local Publix to pick up a few things. I have had a craving for some taco soup and thought that would be perfect dinner for tonight. I got back home and started unloading the cold stuff in the refrigerator only to find a jar of pickles - hamburger dills to be exact - with the lid half-way screwed on and leaning over on its side. That could only mean one thing, right? Yes - pickle juice ALL OVER THE REFRIGERATOR. Now, I am not one to point fingers, but there is a certain person (who, of course, will remain nameless) in this household who has a tendency to not screw lids on properly. Whether it be water bottles, milk cartons, apple juice, or, in this case, a jar of pickles, this person just has an issue screwing the top all the way around or even getting it back on its home at a level position - you know, kinda lopsided. I don't have any DNA evidence supporting my suspicions, and I certainly won't play the blame game with this person as it would just end up being turned around on me somehow (always does), but I know in my heart who did it, and I was totally aggravated.

I had to clean the fridge like no one really ever cleans their fridge. I had to take out the bins and clean them. I had to remove some of the glass and scrub them in the sink. I had to scrub the bottom of the fridge underneath the bottom bin (which, I'll admit, was long overdue for some attention). So, the fridge is clean. And that's a positive. But I'll confess, I didn't really have a thorough disinfecting of the fridge on my agenda today.

I guess since I didn't get the pool supplies I needed, I just used the time I would have spent on the pool on the fridge instead. And I'll admit that after I saw Buddy tear off through the neighborhood the way he did and not die from a dead heartworm in his bloodstream, I did feel better about his overall health and prognosis. Just trying to see the brighter side of things.

Things are looking up, though, my friends. Tomorrow night, we are sending the kids to their Gammie's and going to dinner. By ourselves. No kids. It has been months since we have been anywhere without the kids. I am so excited. And we are just going all out and blowing some cash and going somewhere really good and really expensive. Just trying to do our part to stimulate the economy.


Keri said...

So what time are we leaving for dinner ! lol

Chelle said...

I feel your pain, I've also had a couple of "those days", recently. Things are looking up, though-I bought a bottle of REALLY good red wine ;)