Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is it just me??

Is it just me, or am I the only one in the entire country that does not think Jessica Simpson looks fat?!? She is one of the most beautiful women ever, and if she is fat then I don't know what that makes me. Sorry. I just had to get that off my chest.

Anyway. I got to hold a baby today. A sweet baby. A little tiny baby that can't talk or walk or hit or ask you to do anything for him. A precious little baby that wears diapers that smell good (before they have actually been used, mind you). A baby so new that he still keeps his little legs and arms squinched up and stays in a ball. Oh, I do love babies. That probably sounds weird coming from me who makes no bones about the fact that I absolutely do not want any more babies of my own. But the only reason why I don't' want any more is because they grow up. And they are just so much work and so stressful. But if I could have a baby that would never grow up, that would just be heaven. Unfortunately, there is no such deal available. Eventually, they start moving and talking and needing more and more. And you have more to worry about than if their feet are cold or where you hid the pacifier. No - those babies don't stay babies for nearly as long as we'd like them to. And for that reason, I am so glad I can't have anymore. Because I think we all know that when we hold one of those smell-good precious little babies, it lights a fire in our soul that says, "Oh, I want another baby."

And at least I know for sure I can answer back, "No, my dear. You are definitely not having another one."


Erika said...

I agree with you on the Jessica Simpson front. Unfortunately, she just had an unflattering outfit on that day and ALL of the pictures are looking up at her, which always adds weight. God Bless Her for being a normal size!

RunnerMom said...

I don't think JS is big in the normal sense, but just bigger than we have seen her in the last few years since Dukes of Hazzard or on her newlywed reality show. She's just really curvy and we are used to seeing stick-thin gals.

The baby thing-- I went back and forth for years about having my third. Holding babies lit that fire in my soul every single time, and I'd find myself almost tearing up when I'd see newborns or hear of a friend who was pregnant. My soul HURT for another child.

I'm so glad I got to do the baby thing one last time with #3. I am enjoying her most of them all---maybe because I am hyperaware that this is the last time I'll do it. She completes us as a family.

But, man, three is HARD. Of course, my TWO were hard, too. I have no desire to even hold babies anymore. Little Julia cured that. When I do hold one at church or somewhere, it does nothing for me. I sure don't want to go through it again!

I worked in the church nursery recently and it was like sticking pins into my eyes. I don't think I even like babies anymore.