Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Facebook Etiquette

I need a little advice on proper Facebook etiquette. I got a friend request today from a guy I knew when I lived in Louisiana about twenty years ago. Literally - it was almost twenty years ago, meaning I was all of about 13 years old. I guess we had a crush on one another shortly before my family moved away to Florida. We went to church together where my father preached at the time. But we were thirteen. We never even held hands or a kiss on the cheek or anything.

So this morning, I get a friend request and a message in my inbox asking, "Is this the Tamara that used to live in Zachary, Louisiana?" Why, yes - yes it is. But I am not so sure I want this fellow to know that. I don't know anything about him. Hello - it has been TWENTY YEARS since I knew him. Who knows what kind of person he is today. And his profile picture is strange. It isn't a picture of himself but rather of some robot looking head or something.

So, how do you politely respond to someone and not accept their friend request on Facebook? Or do you just click that ignore button and hope they go away???

The internet is a wonderful but strange thing indeed.


Chelle said...

He's probably harmless. I've reconnected with quite a few people I knew when we were kids on the playground through Facebook and, so far, they are all pretty normal.

Of course, if it turns out the robot head actually BELONGS to him, you might want to reconsider my advice.

RunnerMom said...

Ignore away! I've had to click ignore a few times. They don't get a message saying they've been ignored. It's a tough call, but do you want daily updates on what he's doing and stuff?

I actually ignored a girl who was kind of backstabbing and petty in high school. Then a couple of days later I got another request. So I accepted. But you can later delete them from your friends and they never get a message on that, either. If they have like 150 friends, they'll never even notice!