Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Not that I have anything against them in particular, I would just like to state, for the record, that I don't care for worms. Of any kind, shape, color, or texture. I do remember a time when I was very young and my grandparents lived on Lake Jordan that I would roll over rocks and look for worms. I would even pick them up and collect them in cups or boxes for my grandparents to fish with. This was something we all did, us cousins, while at the lake visiting the grandparents. But times have changed, and I am no longer fascinated with the fact that you can roll over a rock and see a few worms emerge in their nasty state of being from the soil.

All this leads to the following fact: It has rained A LOT lately, and our Polaris cleaning robot thing for the pool needs a new part, and there are probably a thousand tiny worms in the bottom of the pool. Here's the deal about worms in the pool - they are immersed in water, which commonly leads to any substance becoming gooey and slimy and gross. Only thing is that worms are already all of those things without being submersed in water for long periods of time, so you can only imagine the state they find themselves in after living in the pool for a few days. Not pretty. And I will tell you it looks much nastier than watching them emerge from underneath that rock at Lake Jordan so many years ago.

Point being, I will have to vacuum them all out of the pool probably tomorrow when all this rain subsides. And then I will have to empty that basket full of blown up, nasty worms I have vacuumed up. So disgusting.

Did I mention that I really am not fond of worms?

I just tried to take pictures of the pool so you could understand the magnitude of the issue. My camera is dead, so I will try to get a couple later and post. I am sure you will all be waiting on the edge of your seats.


Erika said...

That eeks me out just thinking about it.

Chelle said...

Ok, I was eating when I read this. I'm not so hungry anymore. I think you could be my new weapon against the bulge.

Keri said...

Well I cant say I am really excited about summer coming around anymore b/c all I will think about is WORMS. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!