Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank You, Mr. President

I know he leaves the office covered in controversy and with an incredibly low approval rating, but we all need to stop and say a prayer of thanks for George W. and his service, sacrifice and dedication to our fine country over the past eight years.

What a sacrifice it is to become a public servant at any level. To loose all sense of privacy. To have your parenting skills and past mistakes broadcast in HD for all the world to see. To hear constant criticism of your every move and decision. To know that any comment you make must be painstakingly calculated down to each comma and preposition. I feel that in my lifetime, I will never see another President handle it with such dignity and grace. He has faced many struggles during his term, and though we may not all agree with every decision made, I feel it safe to say that he has done what he believed to be right and noble, giving our country's safety first priority.

And his dear wife - the epitome of a Lady - has been a blessing, as well. In a world filled with strife and separation between husband and wife, she has stood tall as a wonderful example of not only a First Lady, but of a wife of noble character indeed.

Yes, I am Republican. But, I do believe Barack Obama is an incredible man. And Michelle Obama will step into her role gracefully as well. And I pray for them all, their children especially, as they embark on a new journey. One I know I couldn't handle from any of the angles. My only hope for this country is that he will be able to bring about a unity of spirit in our country unlike any we have been able to experience before. And that he can make some difference in this crazy economy to help lighten the burden all Americans are feeling at this time. And that he will listen to Republican advice he might get... okay, I have carried it too far.

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carrie said...

I agree that Bush has been a good President. Sure he has made mistakes, but I feel he did a good job! I pray that Obama will have a good balance like Bush. I do hope that he manages to find unity in this country. I pray God will be ever present in this country!