Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Addition?

So, this morning, Scott left for work as usual. Not thirty minutes went by and the phone rang. It was Scott, and he had found a dog on the side of the interstate this morning. He spotted him laying off to the side and could see that he was alive. So he turned around and went to check him out. As soon as Scott pulled over to check on him, the dog stood up and wagged his tail. He was obviously happy to see someone. Scott put him in the back of his truck and carried him to work.

It's just not everyday you see a dog on the interstate. Well, not alive anyways. So then we were faced with the decision of what to do with him. He didn't appear to be hurt or malnourished. But there he was in the back of my husband's truck, and we had to do something with him.

I was not about to send him to a shelter. I think we all know that shelters are full to the brim right now. And I just thought the best thing to do would be to get him to a vet and have him checked out. And then we could give him a chance.

He has heart worms. It's just devastating to me. And what makes it even more difficult is that he is so sweet and good with the kids. And I think he has been mistreated a little. I yelled out the back door at David, and the dog just cowered down. I can't stand the thought of a dog being mistreated.

So, we have to decide to keep him or surrender him to a shelter. The vet knows of a private shelter that would take him that has a no-kill policy. Or, we can have him treated for heart worms and keep him. But that has a hefty price tag. Hefty. And I already paid today to have him checked out and vaccinated. Oh, and he needs to be neutered as well.

But the kids have already named him - Buddy. And did I mention how sweet he is? Even the vet said, "You could get him treated and he would make a great dog." But I so wasn't planning on investing in a dog right now.

Oh, dear.


Rebecca said...

He looks so happy to have found y'all.

carrie said...

He looks sweet. We have a dog named Buddy.

RunnerMom said...

He looks just like a Buddy. Keep us posted on what you decide.

Erika said...

I don't know how my comment got posted on the other post. Weird.