Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fashion Meltdown

Isn't four (a few days from turning four counts as four) too young to be crying over a dress??!!??

I think it is. Especially when you are in the middle of Belk and the whole world can hear the four-year-old screaming and crying, "But I want to buy dat dress!!!!"

Dat dress was like a little Easter dress (why yes, it is freezing out, but we already have the spring attire out in full force). And had it not been just too down right dressy of a dress, I would have bought it to save myself the argument that ensued. It just looked too much like a flower girl dress to me - something you might see in a wedding or for a first communion (and we are not Catholic). So I explained that, indeed, it is a spectacular dress, but we would not be purchasing it today.

Oh, dear. I don't think she has ever acted this way before. We have had public outbursts, but nothing of this caliber. Tears. Screams. It was true emotion, not just an "I'm a stubborn toddler" tantrum. I mean, she just really wanted the dress. I almost feel bad for not buying it. But not quite.

I may not do a dress this year for Easter, though. I am thinking something a little more casual. Now, don't gasp in horror at the thought of a casual Easter. It just doesn't make sense any more. Church used to be so dressy, you know. And I know some people are still horrified at wearing jeans to church, but I relish the thought. I never really have understood the big deal about looking so fancy for church on Sunday morning. And besides, on Easter Sunday, we come straight home and eat and play in the yard. Instead of changing from fancy Easter dress to play clothes, let's just find something in the middle and wear it all day. But Madalyn doesn't understand this. And she just doesn't get why I am not intending on buying an off white dress with sheer overlay and sparkly things on the bodice. But I am not. She can't even keep the cheap JC Penny clothes I buy her clean much less an off white dress.

So, hopefully on her birthday when she opens the box with the High School Musical tee shirt and the little hooded sweatshirt I bought her, that pretty little sparkly dress will become a faint memory. Hopefully.

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